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Charitable assignment agreement

1. By applying to become one of our members you agree with us and the charity that you will transfer to the charity the right to any windfall which you would otherwise be entitled to receive as one of our members.

2. To ensure that the agreement you have entered into in paragraph 1 can be effectively carried out:
a. you authorise us to transfer any windfall direct to the charity;
b. you agree to sign any documents and to do anything else which may be needed to transfer any windfall, and your right to receive the windfall, to the charity;
c. you appoint us and any of our officers and (as a separate appointment) the charity and any of its officers be your agent to take any of the steps mentioned in (b) above on your behalf;
d. you authorise us to provide the charity with any information it reasonably requires about you and any relationship you have with us, and you consent to us and the charity holding and processing such information for this purpose;
e. you cannot revoke the authority contained in (a) or (d) above, or the appointment contained in (c) above;
f. you make this agreement with us (acting for ourselves and for the benefits of the charity), in return for us allowing you to become a member and you confirm that the charity may enforce the benefit of this agreement with us under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act 1999. Neither we nor the charity will release you from this agreement or vary its terms. You will continue to be bound by your agreement even if we decide at some time in the future (and announce that decision by press release) that it is no longer in our best interests to continue with this agreement condition in respect of new members.

3. In these provisions:
a. the “charity” is the Benenden Charitable Trust or, if it ceases to exist, any other charity which becomes entitled to the benefit of the agreement you have entered into in paragraph 1;
b. “business transfer” means a transfer of part or all of our business to any other person, firm or company;
c. “demutualisation” means a change (or proposed change) in our constitution or corporate status (whether or not involving or associated with a business transfer)which has the effect that we cease to be a mutual organisation;
d. “mutual organisation” means a company or other body whose constitution limits membership and voting rights wholly or mainly to persons purchasing goods or services from it or otherwise trading with it;
e. “we”, “us” and “our” refer to The Benenden Healthcare Society Limited and any company or other organisation which becomes entitled to all or part of its business;
f. A “windfall” means any benefit to which you become entitled as one of our members on or in connection with any future business transfer or demutualisation