Benenden Health App Support Information

Tell me about the pilot

The pilot will run from July to 15th October 2019. We're trying to understand which services app users would like us to develop within a Benenden Health app. Following the initial pilot we'll use the findings to develop a new version of our app which we hope to make available in the near future.

What can I do in the app?

Within the app you can press a button to access our GP 24/7 service and another to access our 24/7 Mental Health Helpline. The GP 24/7 service will put you in touch with an appointment booking team who will arrange for a GP to call you back at a convenient time. Accessing our Mental Health Helpline immediately puts you in touch with a therapist who can provide further guidance and advice on your needs. Links to further information about services and the pilot itself can be found in your email invitation.

What will I see in the app?

From the homepage of the app you can push a telephone icon to access either the GP or the Mental Health helpline. You can also press on either the tab icons at the top of the page, or the ‘More Information’ buttons to access more details about the services. You can logout of the app at any time using the navigation at the top. You don't need to log out when you close down the app.

Do I have to pay to take part in the pilot?

No. You don't need to pay to take part in the pilot. If you use the GP 24/7 service and choose to purchase any medication which the GP prescribes for you, you will have to pay the cost of the medication and delivery.

Can I opt out of the pilot?

Yes. You can opt out at any time. To opt out, simply email us at and delete the app from your mobile device.

What do you need from me?

Please download and register for the app. Then if you want to use the services please access the services through the telephone buttons in the app. At the end of the pilot we'd like you to complete a short questionnaire about your experience with the app (whether you've used the services or not). The questionnaire will help us to improve the mobile app.

What if I can't access the app?

If you've expressed an interest in being part of this pilot we'll send you an email with a download link to the app. When you download the app, it will guide you through the registration process. It's important you register the app using the same email address you used when registering your interest. If you have any issues with the registration process, or with downloading the app, please email us at . Within your email, please explain the issue you're having and, if possible, provide us with a screenshot.

What if I can't register for the app using my email address?

You must register the app using the same email address you used when expressing an interest. If you have any problems doing so, please email us at

Can I change settings in the app?

At this stage of development you can't make any changes to the settings like font size, background colour, images, language or any other element of the app.

What will you do with my information?

Your information will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy which you can download from this page.

If you're a member of Benenden Health, your privacy policy is here:

Member Privacy Policy