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How much is private health insurance costing your business?

Benenden Health provides an affordable alternative to costly PMI

You already know why looking after your employees’ health is important for them and your business. You’ll also be aware of the costs you risk facing if you decide to stop providing your employees with healthcare.

But what you may not know is that Benenden Health provides an alternative to costly PMI, that can be more affordable. Even better, we welcome any company, at any size.

Every business’ needs are different.

Call us today and one of our friendly UK based team can answer any questions you have.

0808 163 8719*

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Lines are open 9am-5pm Monday - Friday

An affordable solution that both your head and heart can agree on

It’s simple

Everyone is accepted at the same price, with no hidden costs or premiums, and no long-term contract. No pre-existing medicals are needed, saving plenty of time on admin for both you and your employees.


We complement NHS services so that you can avoid paying for private cover in areas where they provide excellent and speedy care.

More affordable

At just £10.25 per employee, per month, Healthcare for Business is the affordable alternative to private health insurance.

What’s included?

Healthcare for Business includes:

  • A 24/7 EAP including expert legal and debt advice

  • 24/7 GP helpline including a private prescription service (separate charges apply)

  • Medical diagnostics, treatment and surgery

  • Physiotherapy

  • Mental Health counselling support

 When there’s a wait on the NHS… plus financial assistance and other additional benefits. 

Our network of facilities

We have a national network of 26 hospitals, and over 500 diagnostic facilities nationwide. Our treatment and surgery network includes our own Benenden Hospital in Kent, which received the highest rating of ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commssion in 2017. Find out more about our facilities here


How is the cost so low?

If employees are experiencing long waiting lists on the NHS for consultations and tests, they can request our help to get a faster diagnosis and treatment. However, we’re not a medical insurer; all our services are provided on a discretionary basis and we don’t replicate some of the excellent services that the NHS provides like care for cancer, brain and heart disease which makes a big difference to the cost our members pay.

All contributions are paid into a communal pot for the benefit of all our members. We manage our funds and the services we provide carefully, to ensure that we can help provide assistance to our members when they need us.