The hidden cost of unwell employees

What do unwell employees really cost your business?

The backbone of any successful organisation is its people. So, when your employees are unwell, it can have a real impact on your business’s performance.


And it’s not just absent employees costing you through sick pay. It’s the unwell employees at work too – and all the knock-on effects.

Every business’ needs are different.

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Do you know the knock-on effects of unwell employees for your business?

So, whether you’re having to:

  • arrange cover for absent staff
  • re-distribute and manage heavy workloads because there’s no cover
  • look for ways to fix mistakes or missed deadlines that over-stressed or unwell and less productive employees have made at work
  • replace talented but overworked staff who have left as a result of low morale

…it’s most likely costing your business a significant amount of valuable time and resource.


Employee support, that supports the business

Whilst we know you can’t avoid employees ever getting ill, Benenden Health could help you reduce the impact without the high costs typically associated with private medical insurance.

Our simple, smart and cost effective alternative helps you build a healthier, more resilient and happier workforce who will feel more valued. We can help mitigate employee anxiety and reduce health issues through convenient access to private diagnosis, surgery, physiotherapy, remote GP appointments and counselling when they need it.  

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1 Calculation based on the 2017 ONS average salary of £29,009 with 252 working days (with 20 days holiday) and an average of 7.5 sick days per year as reported by the CIPD Absence Management Annual Survey Report 2016.

Sick staff cost British firms £77 billion annually in lost productivity 

3 (Calculated based on a £30k average salary with 261 working days in the year)

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