Love your lungs

Monday 17th March

How much do you know about the way you breathe? Read on for some facts about the lungs.

  • Our lungs process 10,000 litres of air on a daily basis.
  • The adult lung weighs less than half a kilo (making it three times lighter than the brain).
  • The left lung is slightly smaller than the right; it has to fit into the ribcage next to the heart.
  • Giving up smoking will help to improve your lung function – and reduce the effects of passive smoking on those around you. While some smokers choose the new year or National No Smoking Day to quit, help is available year-round at your GP surgery or high street pharmacy.
  • Asthma is a chronic condition affecting the airways in the lungs. In the first year of England's public smoking ban alone there was a 12 percent drop in children's hospital admissions for severe asthma*.

*Source: Report by Imperial College, London