Marathon runner Ben Moreau shares his fitness tips

Ben, who represented Great Britain and England at the European Championships and Commonwealth Games, runs every day, clocking up 100 miles a week. 

While Ben’s personal best of 2.15.52 for a marathon might be out of the reach of most runners, he knows what’s necessary to keep on going. Now living and working in Sydney, Australia, Ben trains with the Sydney Running Academy. But his running career began somewhat reluctantly. “I got into running after being cajoled into doing cross-country at school. I was by no means the best, but I was better at it than I was at football, which I was training a lot harder for.”

Ben’s tips for keeping your exercise going over the long distance:

Get your friends involved

Exercise is more enjoyable if you do it with other people. The camaraderie gives you a closer connection to the activity and the occasional flash of competitiveness drives you on to improve.

Get a routine

A weekly plan helps structure exercise around family life. By mapping out my routine I can prepare for training days and look forward to rest days. Whether you’re a morning or an evening person, having a routine will help you stay disciplined.

Listen to podcasts

When I’m running, music can fade into the background whereas podcasts force me to actively listen, making time pass more quickly.