5 health resolutions everybody can keep

A shocking 80% of New Year's Resolutions are broken by February, according to one survey.

One reason for this is that people set goals that are too ambitious or unrealistic. Instead, why not incorporate these small changes to make a big difference to your health in 2019?

1. Eat more nuts 

They may be high in fat but nuts also contain high levels of cell-protecting antioxidants, fibre and protein, which can help curb your appetite. Adding healthy foods to your diet is a much more effective way of improving how you eat than cutting out certain foods, says Claire Gregory, co-founder of the Female Fitness Academy.

“We advise clients to only focus on the addition of wholesome, unprocessed foods to the daily diet as opposed to the subtraction of items as you would in generic deprivation diets,” she says. “The more healthy unprocessed food you add into your life, the less you need or want those unhealthier options.”

2. Get more sleep 

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining overall good health, both mental and physical. Numerous studies have found a connection between insufficient sleep and serious health problems such as heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes and obesity.

Try a calming drink like chamomile tea just before you go to bed or, if you’re not lactose intolerant, a glass of milk 90 minutes before.


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3. Track your moves 

Instead of jumping in the car and spending money on petrol, invest in a fitness tracker and a pair of good trainers and get out and walk. Fitness trackers offer a simple way to calculate your daily steps as well as the number of calories you burn, your water intake, how much sleep you’re getting and more. Some also allow you to keep track of your food intake and the data is usually presented using colourful charts and graphs so it’s easy to understand.

On top of that, a brisk walk every day helps maintain a healthy weight, strengthens bones and muscles, and improves balance and coordination. 

4. Add one minute of mindfulness 

“A mindful minute is easy to incorporate into even the busiest of lives,” says Eve Menezes Cunningham, owner and health coach at and author of 365 Ways to Feel Better.

“You don’t need any props, just use your breath. Count the number of breaths you take in half a minute when you’re feeling fairly relaxed and then double that number (counting an exhale and inhale as one complete breath). This gives you your ‘minute’ so you won’t need a clock.”

5. Drink more water

UK tap water is perfectly safe and fine to drink. Water is a cheap and simple way to boost your health and make your skin and eyes glow at the same time. It also helps combat the afternoon slump, aids metabolism, reduces headaches and constipation and helps you lose weight.

If the recommended two litres a day sounds a bit daunting, vow to drink one glass when you wake up, one half an hour before lunch and one when you get home from work. And if you really can’t face it the plain old-fashioned way, herbal and detox teas will add flavour.