Burning through your cash?

Wednesday 12th March

If you're a smoker in need of a little persuasion to kick the habit, then let the figures do the talking. Let's say you are a 20-a-day smoker. Or your friend is, as you might be looking into this for someone else. With cigarettes costing what they do, it means you're spending £56 a week on tobacco. That soon starts to add up.

Stop smoking calculator

Imagine you had quit on No Smoking Day (12 March), which incidentally carries the tagline “V for Victory” this year.

One week - sees you scoring a couple of tickets to a sports event for £56.

One month - keep hold of your money instead and by this time next month you'll have saved a cool £243. That's the price of a decent road bike.

Two months – now you're talking! With £486 in your pocket, you're just a week or two away from a year's subscription to Sky Sports.

Three months – you'll have more energy as a non-smoker. Now you can afford a year's private gym membership for £729 and start working on improving your fitness and stamina.

Six months – what will you choose to spend your £1,458 “windfall” on? A home cinema system, a football season ticket or a late summer break? The choice is yours.

One year – by paying these savings into your bank or building society each month you've hit the jackpot, making yourself £2,916. That's flights, accommodation, ski pass and spending money for a snowboarding holiday this time next year. Well done!

Further information

Visit the British Heart Foundation's No Smoking Day website for details of the support available to help you stop smoking, as well as the health benefits of quitting.

Members of benenden can contact the 24-hour GP advice line if they are concerned about their health and would like to speak to a doctor.