My fitness tips: Lydia Greenway

She started playing cricket with her father at seven years old. Only a decade later, Lydia Greenway was playing for England – and has remained at the top of her game since.

This summer, Greenway will be playing for the Southern Vipers in the inaugural Kia Super League, a 16-day cricket competition in July and August which aims to raise the standard of women’s cricket even further – as well as inspiring more women and girls to take up the sport.

The left-hander is known for her elegant batting and fast running. “I’m not blessed with the biggest muscles, so I rely on timing of the ball,” says the 30-year-old modestly. “Cricket is a funny sport – you can be brought down to earth quickly, so when you’re doing well, you have to enjoy it.”

Lydia Greenway’s fitness tips:

1 Warm up before working out

“Before a training session, our strength and conditioning coach gives us 10–15 minutes’ mobility work, perhaps using a foam roller, ironing out any knots in the muscles. This helps make training sessions more productive.”

2 Push yourself

“During a training session, we use weights. Try to progress each week so that you’re not just staying at the same level. Push yourself, but avoid losing out on technique because that’s when injuries come in.”

3 Use cardio exercises

“As a batter, you have to be able to repeat skills and run hard, so we do a lot of interval training. Try running hard, at 70–80% of your maximum speed, for 30 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds. Repeat this five times, then have a two-minute rest. Repeat the process for three sets. The fitter you are, the more able you are to improve your skills because you worry less about catching your breath.”