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The ultimate packing checklist

To save you the pain of writing a packing list before you travel, we’ve done the thinking for you. 

It’s all very well working from a list, but what if you’ve forgotten to include something vital on the list in the first place? Just follow this list to prepare for a brilliant break.

Travel documents

•Passport for every member of the travelling party
•Travel documents, tickets or travelcards
•Booking or reservation letters
•Itinerary and directions
•Vaccination documents (check country requirements beforehand)
•Driving licence – plus any hire car driving documents
•Travel insurance documents (including European health insurance card if applicable)

Top tip: scan or take photos of all of the above and email them to yourself

Essential items

•Electronic plug converter
•Wallet (including foreign currency)
•Credit/debit cards (again, take a copy of each card and email)
•Camera and charger
•Phone and charger


•Regular prescription medicine plus a copy of your prescription
•Travel medication (as necessary – malaria tablets, antihistamines, paracetamol etc)
•Sun cream and/or sunblock
•Insect repellent/bite cream
•Small first aid kit (thermometer, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, plasters)
•Contact-lens cleaner and equipment


•Tissues or wet wipes
•Sanitary products
•Hand cream
•Face wash
•Shower gel/body wash
•Antibacterial hand gel

And the rest ...

•Day clothes
•Evening wear (including warmer layers)
•Towels (microfibre towels for light packing)
•Bedding (if required)
•Entertainment – books, music, cards, games, puzzle books
•Pens and addresses for postcards