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The ultimate travel list

To save you the pain of writing a packing list before you travel, we’ve done the thinking for you. Just follow this list to prepare for a brilliant break.

1. Travel documents

• Passport for every member of the travelling party
• Travel documents, tickets or travel cards
• Booking or reservation letters
• Itinerary and directions
• Visa(s)
• Vaccination documents (check country requirements beforehand)
• Driving licence – plus any hire car driving documents
• Travel insurance documents (including European health insurance card if applicable)

Top tip: scan or take photos of all of the above and email them to yourself

2. Essential items

• Electronic plug converter
• Keys
• Wallet (including foreign currency)
• Credit/debit cards (take a copy of each card and email to yourself)
• Camera and charger
• Phone and charger
• Sunglasses

3. Medical

• Regular prescription medicine plus a copy of your prescription
• Travel medication (as necessary – malaria tablets, antihistamines, paracetamol etc.)
• Sun cream and/or sunblock
• Insect repellent/bite cream
• Contraception
• Small first aid kit (thermometer, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, plasters)
• Contact lens cleaner and equipment

4. Toiletries

• Toothpaste/brush
• Tissues or wet wipes
• Sanitary products
• Hand cream
• Face wash
• Body wash
• Shampoo
• Antibacterial hand gel

5. And the rest…(volume dependent on travel method and destination)

• Day clothes
• Evening wear (including warmer layers)
• Underwear
• Socks/Tights
• Shoes
• Rainwear
• Sleepwear
• Towels (microfibre towels for light packing)
• Bedding (if required)
• Entertainment – books, music, cards, games, puzzle books
• Pens and addresses for postcards
• Guidebook

Don’t forget, members can enjoy 10% off Benenden Travel Insurance.