Travel: your pre-trip checklist

When you're battling to squeeze a week's wardrobe into a single carry-on bag, you can easily overlook other holiday essentials... Here are some handy reminders to help you better plan your break.

Vaccinations: find out if you need any jabs, or malaria prevention before you go. Ask whether you can get these at your GP surgery or at a travel clinic.

Medication: if you take regular prescription medication, pre-order enough to last the duration of your trip. Keep medicines in the original packaging and bring a copy of the prescription(s) in case you need to source more while you're away. If travelling further afield, check whether certain medications are banned in your destination country, for example, painkillers containing codeine.

Paperwork and ID: it sounds obvious but do check that your passport is in date, and find out whether you require a visa. You'll also need both parts of your driving licence if you plan to hire a car.

Insurance: before you go, buy yourself some comprehensive travel insurance that will cover holiday cancellations and delays, theft and damage to your property, as well as any medical expenses.

Money: check the currency at your destination and think about pre-ordering some. Smaller denominations are useful for taxis and buses – or refreshments at the airport, station or ferry terminal.

Tell your bank or building society about your travel plans to prevent your card being blocked when abroad. You may also want to ask about using ATM machines overseas and whether they recommend ordering traveller's cheques.

Mobile: contact your provider about roaming charges and costs for making – and receiving – calls while you're away. Ask about any deals that may save you money while you're abroad.

Weather forecast: finally, there's nothing worse than packing light for a beach holiday and finding you've arrived in the middle of the rainy season. Check the average rainfall and temperature for the time of year of your visit – and plan your holiday wardrobe accordingly.

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