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Care for the carers

A hospice chief executive explains why Benenden is the choice of healthcare provider for his organisation’s employees.

As leader of a hospice caring for 2,500 patients and their families each year, Mark Jackson knows how crucial it is to offer help when it is needed most. The chief executive of St Richard’s Hospice, Worcester, says: “At possibly the most difficult time in one’s life, the hospice provides coordinated and compassionate care to patients living with life-threatening illnesses.”

He knows the staff at St Richard’s have an important job, and in order to do it they also need to take care of themselves. That is why the charity has invested in Benenden Employee Healthcare, designed to help businesses look after employees’ health and reduce absenteeism.

Alongside personal healthcare, Benenden also provide health and wellbeing services to businesses.

“The ability to fast track consultant appointments was highly attractive to both staff and employer as a way to reduce long periods of sickness absence,” explains Mark. “It also helps the hospice demonstrate tangibly that our staff are important to us.”

Research by Benenden revealed one in five employees ranks employer-funded healthcare as their number one benefit, while 43% believe it is their employer’s responsibility to provide a healthcare offering.

Stress is the UK’s most common cause of long-term absence and the second most common cause of short-term absence after minor illness, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s Absence Management 2016 report.

The study revealed nearly three-fifths of organisations reported long working hours are the norm. “Addressing long-hours cultures and increasing focus on wellbeing are among the steps required by employers,” the report added.

To find out how Benenden can support your business and employees please call 0800 414 8179 or visit our website.