Three top apps to make healthy eating easier for your staff

It’s not always easy to eat healthily. An overflowing inbox, looming deadlines, looking after the kids, managing a social life… they can all get in the way of cooking and eating healthily.

Combine that with the increased stress levels of modern life and an intense longing for the next sugar high to get you through a Monday afternoon at your desk, it becomes all too easy to put that ready meal in the microwave or order a takeaway.

Modern technology, however, is helping to make it easier than ever to manage calorie intake (as well as your protein, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals) and to find some quick and easy ways to create healthier, tastier meals that won't break the bank.

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Here are 3 current apps on the market for doing just that for you to share with your team;

1. Lifesum

Lifesum enables you to track your daily food intake by simply scanning the barcode on food labels or looking up a food item in the online directory, which includes many high street food outlets (so no excuse for not recording that Friday team lunch).

You can also create custom recipes for meals you have regularly so you don’t have to enter all the ingredients every time. The app also provides healthier alternatives to some traditional favourites, such as turkey lasagne.

When you start up the app, there is a diet quiz that will look at your eating preferences and any allergies. It then tailors a diet plan to meet your goals, whether that be weight loss, weight gain or eating a balanced diet.

These diet plans then adapt as your weight changes, making sure you are always eating the right amount of the right foods to meet your targets.

2. Change4Life Sugar Smart

From tooth decay to diabetes, we all know the dangers of too much sugar, but often the sugar is hidden and you don’t even know you are eating (or drinking) it.

Free from the NHS, Change4Life Sugar Smart can scan the barcode on a packet of food and convert the sugar content into the equivalent number of sugar cubes.

A scary read that will have you rethinking your snacks and sauces.

3. DietBet

Need a bit of motivation to lose those pesky extra pounds? DietBet may have the answer.

With the app you can buy into a ‘pot’ with other people, record your starting weight and goal weight and then, if you reach your target, share the winnings with other dieters who have lost the required weight.

A great financial incentive for ditching the chocolate and hitting the gym.

And why not introduce a bit of healthy competition with your colleagues? As well as making it more fun, research has shown that dieting in groups can help improve weight loss and keep the pounds off.


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