Healthcare shows our staff they are important

Medical practice benefits from Benenden membership.

For around 10 years, the Limes Medical Centre in Essex has invested in Benenden membership for its team of 70, including nurses, healthcare assistants, nurse practitioners, registrars, pharmacists, GPs and administration staff.

It is a busy, four-site NHS medical practice with 18,500 patients to look after, but caring for the health of its staff is also high on the agenda.

Debbie Bodhanya, managing partner at the Limes, explains she was pleasantly surprised when she learned about the healthcare society. “When I first heard about Benenden I thought it sounded too good to be true,” she says. “It was quite low-cost healthcare, yet it was a nice benefit to be able to offer staff.”

The Limes signed up to Healthcare for Business, designed to help businesses look after workers’ health and reduce absenteeism. “It’s well used, mostly for planned care,” says Bodhanya. “Some of our staff have added on family and friends. One who added her mother and daughter says they’ve found the service has been excellent. She’s used it for cardiac, orthopaedics and dermatology. The paperwork has been very simple and there’s always someone to speak to at Benenden.”

From a management perspective, Bodhanya says that “the administration has been strong and managing our membership as an organisation has been simple”.

Although she is unsure whether offering Healthcare for Business has a direct impact on the practice’s low annual staff turnover rate of 3%, Bodhanya says it is a part of an employee package “that shows staff they’re important”.

One member of staff recently accessed the psychological wellbeing service and found membership a positive experience. “It supported that member of staff to stay in work, so that’s been very helpful,” says the managing partner.

Bodhanya admits sometimes even she forgets the healthcare is there, but says the Limes is looking forward to a visit from key account manager Alex Connor, which will enable her and other staff to ask questions about the services offered.

“We’re probably not using it as well as we could,” says Bodhanya. “Sometimes we forget about the 24/7 GP Advice Line, for example, so we’re keen to know about the new developments.”

Healthcare for Business

What is on offer for staff?

  • Diagnosis consultation and tests
  • Treatment and surgery
  • Physiotherapy
  • 24/7 GP Advice Line
  • 24/7 Mental Health Helpline
  • Financial assistance
  • Health concern support
  • Care Planning and Social Care Advice


To find out how Benenden can support your business and employees, call 0800 414 8179 or visit our website.