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Help your team stay physically healthy at work

Is poor physical health leading to absenteeism in your workplace?

From hours of sitting to unhealthy snacking, the modern workplace isn't always ideal for physical health. Discover how you can help your team maintain and even improve their physical wellbeing at work.

Colleagues exercising together, on a bike ride
Promoting good physical health in the workplace
Help your team to move more and improve their diet and lifestyle - and your business will reap the rewards in lowering absenteeism and boosting retention.

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A young mother is speaking to her GP from the comfort of her home. The GP is speaking from her laptop.
How GP helplines benefit you and your team
A third of UK GPs believe it will take at least a year for their practice to return to pre-COVID levels of capacity. In the meantime, how can you help your team?

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Young employee stretching at his desk in his home office
5 exercises you can do at your desk
Help your team stay active and avoid aches and pains by sharing these 5desk exercises that can be done from their desks (or dining room tables!).

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A woman working from home. She is speaking on the phone and sharing a home office with her partner.
Managing employee MSK care issues
How can desk-based employees avoid painful musculoskeletal issues? Discover how you can support your team, plus self-care tips for your team.

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Employee enjoying breakfast in a virtual breakfast club meeting
Why you should start a breakfast club
A workplace breakfast club could be the ideal solution to help you to encourage employees to fit the most important meal of the day into their daily work routine

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A young woman walking to work, in a city setting
7 benefits of walking to work
Walking all (or part) of the way to work is a free way to boost your employees' physical wellbeing. Discover how you can encourage this healthy habit, and make it accessible.

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Three colleagues playing netball as part of an alcohol free social
7 ideas for alcohol free team socials
Team building inspiration - try out a healthier and more inclusive team social, with our fun, alcohol-free ideas - from virtual escape rooms to volunteering.

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An employee in his 30s is making a cup of coffee in his kitchen. He's tired.
How poor sleep affects employees
Discover the issues lack of sleep could be causing in your workplace, and the proactive steps you can take to support your team.

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