Unwrapping your Benenden Health membership

Your employer has wrapped up a whole host of support and health benefits for you in your Benenden Health membership, but do you know how to access them if you’re in need of support right now?

2020 hasn’t been the best year and it’s prompted us to make sure that you are aware of - and using - all the support we offer. It’s at times like this that it can make a huge difference.

If you don’t need to use any of our health and wellbeing services right now, that’s more than OK. However, if the prospect of the festive season fills you full of dread due to physical or mental health worries, your Benenden Health membership can be of great help. You just need to make a conscious decision to access the support that is at your fingertips.

Your employer has made a conscious decision to invest in you, your happiness and your wellbeing, by appointing us as your healthcare provider. The services detailed below are there for you to use, so please take five minutes to start your journey towards feeling better this Christmas.

From day one, you can access

GP 24/7 & Private Prescription Service

In the current climate, it can prove difficult to get an appointment with your doctor, whether that’s on the phone or face-to-face. Our GP service is geared up to respond to your needs promptly throughout the pandemic.

You can call 24/7 on 0800 414 2147 (option 1), for help and advice for you or your immediate family, at a time to suit you. Your GP may also be able to prescribe you medication.

Mental Health Helpline

Good mental wellbeing is important for many of us right now: it’s certainly more challenging to keep a healthy outlook when dealing with the shifting sands of work arrangements, the blurred lines with home working and family commitments, and, of course, the health and financial worries around the coronavirus pandemic itself.

Our 24/7 Mental Health Helpline offers you access to a counsellor over the phone, who can provide immediate emotional support and offer onwards advice for problems such as anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationships, legal queries and debt concerns. Simply call 0800 414 2147 (option 2).

Care Planning & Social Care Advice

Should you need to explore adult care for you or a family member, our specialist advisors are on hand to help you make the right decisions. We will discuss care options, financial implications, funding and NHS discharge procedures with you, helping you build a better understanding to fuel a positive decision at this difficult time. We also offer guidance for parents and guardians of autistic children.

After six months of membership, you can also access


You can request a call with a physiotherapist to talk through musculoskeletal pain. This is especially useful in the current era of makeshift home offices, multi-tasking and prolonged conference calls - all of which have been proven to be detrimental to posture.

If recommended, physiotherapy may be provided either via self-managed exercises or up to six one-to-one sessions with a physiotherapist in our network. In all cases, we will make sure that you’re fully supported in your journey to recovery and no GP referral is needed to access the service.

Don’t suffer in silence: call us on 0800 414 8100 if you think a physiotherapist could help.

Private diagnosis

If you’re facing an overly long wait to be seen on the NHS, we can step in, help you and speed up the process, following referral by your GP or a consultant. We understand your frustration and the related anxieties that stem from having to wait for the right care, so this part of our service aims to improve your wait times.

You can check if your wait time is longer than the NHS threshold here and, if so, call us on 0800 414 8100. Once your request is authorised, we can support your diagnostic claim up to the value of £1,800.

Private treatment

Following diagnosis, your treatment can be covered by us across our range of approved procedures, through our approved hospitals. If your wait time is longer than the NHS threshold, call us on 0800 414 8100 to get things moving. You can check your wait time against the NHS threshold here.

Mental Health Counselling Support

You can access our Mental Health Helpline 24/7 from day one. As your next step, counselling support is more structured and specific, focused on helping you through life stressors and navigating the disruption to your mental wellbeing. We are here and ready to help you, on 0800 414 8247 (option 2).