What are the advantages of offering your employees health checks?

Wednesday 29th October

It’s a fact: companies that look after their staff are more successful. Making your staff feel valued - by giving them such benefits as flexible working, at-desk massages or gym memberships - has a positive effect: data shows that staff respond by working harder and staying loyal.

One of the most common benefits to offer is health coverage. Standard company policies often include dental, GP appointments, mental health support and a range of other health options. Offering healthcare packages to employees has a double payback - not only does the benefit show you value them but healthier employees have fewer days off, higher morale, and better productivity. Good healthcare packages also help companies attract and retain the best staff.

However, remembering that prevention is better than cure - and is more cost-effective - have you considered adding regular health checks to your employee benefits package? These could measure things like blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, to give your staff a clear picture of their health. Health checks also give employees the opportunity to raise any specific issues that have been worrying them, and over time address health problems and monitor their progress.

There are health check options to suit every company. Regular health checks could be added as an extension of your healthcare package - or you could introduce them as a standalone health benefit if your company is not in a position to offer a full healthcare package. Creating a happier, healthier and ultimately more successful company isn’t only about offering a healthcare package for when employees fall ill. Ultimately it’s about helping employees to be healthier people every day - and that means providing access to fitness facilities, providing positive work-life balance information, preventative medicine and regular check-ups. Either way, it’s worth considering - as well as all of the corporate benefits, you really could be saving someone’s life.

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