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over 50s life cover plus

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More than just a life cover policy

Cover from only £7.60 a month

Over 50s life cover plus is provided by Engage Mutual and is an affordable way to leave a cash lump sum for your loved ones when you die.  It is open to people aged between 50 and 80.

  • Guaranteed acceptance without a medical if you’re aged 50 to 80 and a UK resident
  • A choice of premiums to suit your budget
  • Premiums will never increase

Understanding how the plan works

Cover starts from £7.60 and you can pay up to £71.25.  Of course, the more you pay, the higher the final payout will be.  Once your policy starts, this premium is fixed for the duration of the plan and will never increase.

If you stop paying into the plan

On your 90th birthday your monthly premiums will automatically stop, but your cover will continue for life.  However, if you stop paying your premiums before the age of 90 your plan will stop, the cover will cease and you won't get anything back.  Depending on how long you pay your premiums for, it's possible that what you pay in will be more than would be paid out when you die.

What the plan coversWhat is paid
If you die during years 1 and 2 of the plan 150% of the premium you've paid up to the date of your death.
If you die solely because of an accident in the first two years of the plan Three times the level of cover you've chosen (to a maximum of £48,000)
If you die after 2 years The level of cover chosen less any serious illness benefit already paid.

More than just life cover

benenden over 50s life cover plus has been designed with unique features designed to look after you too should you need it

  • Claim 100% of the sum assured early if you become terminally ill. This will close the policy so there will be no payout on death.
  • Claim 20% of your total sum assured if you become seriously ill.  This will reduce the payment on terminal illness or death
  • £250 towards your funeral with the funeral funding option. Conditions apply, see the funeral funding page for more details
Additional cover included at no extra cost
If you are diagnosed with a serious illness after the plan has run for 2 years 20% of the level of cover chosen
(reducing the payment left over for terminal illness or death)
If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness after the plan has run for 2 years 100% of the level of cover chosen less any serious illness benefit already paid (This will close the policy so there will be no further payout on death)