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In September we're holding a Special Conference where our elected delegates will be asked to vote on the changes to our democracy.

With such a significant change in the Society, it’s important that all members have the opportunity to share their views.

  • During the first two weeks of September, each of our 43 Branches will hold a Special Mandating Meeting, which members are encouraged to attend. Review the schedule for both local and national branch meetings.

  • You’ll have received the details of your branch’s Special Mandating Meeting in the bespoke 'A better Benenden Health is in your hands' brochure that arrived with members in July.

At your Special Mandating Meeting, your Branch Committee will discuss the proposal for changes to our democracy with you to understand your views. This will influence how your Conference Delegates vote at Special Conference in September. If you'd like to register to attend your Branch's Special Mandating Meeting, please complete the form below.

We appreciate that attending a meeting isn’t always a convenient way for members to share their views. If you're unable to attend your branch’s Special Mandating Meeting, you can still share your view on the proposal by completing the form below. We strongly encourage you to do this so that your branch can take your view into account when they vote on your behalf at Special Conference.


Your postcode will be used to locate which branch you're a member of.
We'll use this information to get in touch with you if we have any queries.
We'll use this information to get in touch with you if we have any queries.




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