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What is not included

At Benenden Health, we believe the NHS does a fantastic job, and we don't aim to simply replicate the excellent care services they already provide. Instead we only use our members’ contributions to pay for healthcare that complements the NHS. This means we’re able to provide a range of discretionary healthcare services and keep our membership affordable.

We can't help with:
  • Emergency care
  • Surgery for arterial, cardiac, neurological or complex orthopaedic problems or Bariatric surgery. However, The Benenden Hospital Trust offers a preferential rate to members who opt to have their hip or knee replacement surgery on a self-pay basis at Benenden Hospital in Kent. This discount is not available at other Benenden Approved Hospitals.
  • Cosmetic, breast, plastic, sterilisation, nerve, dental or maxillofacial surgery, or surgery for transplants
  • Appointments with specialists such as radiologists, dentists, opticians or complementary therapists and pain management specialists
  • Heart surgery
  • Cancer treatment
  • Retrospective services, where our written authorisation hasn’t been sought
  • Consultations, tests and treatments outside the UK
  • Services which are delivered by a non-UK, non-VAT registered organisation
  • We are unable to support ongoing monitoring, follow-up consultations or treatment for the same medical condition. You should seek support through the NHS.
  • Minor outpatient treatments (MOTs), such as wart or cyst removals, unless Benenden have provided the diagnosis and expressly agreed to fund the treatment.

Offering such services would not only push up the monthly cost of membership, but impact on the vast range of services that we already provide.