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Direct Member Voting

  • Read about how Direct Member Voting will work.
  • Understand how this benefits you as a Benenden Health member.
  • Put forward your ideas online.
What is Direct Member Voting?

One of the biggest changes put forward as part of the Democracy for Tomorrow proposal is to move from our current voting structure – where Conference delegates vote on behalf of their branches – to a new structure where every member has a vote in the form of Direct Member Voting. But what does this mean, and how does it benefit you?

What's next?
  • To be introduced, these proposals must be voted on by a majority of delegates at a Conference under our current process later this year.

  • Before Conference, we’ll be holding special member meetings where you can influence how your delegates vote on the future of our democracy.

  • Branches may be talking about Democracy for Tomorrow at other meetings, you can find your nearest branch meeting in the My Branch section of My Benenden.

  • If you would like to share your ideas with us please complete our feedback form. 

Direct Member Voting gives every member in Benenden Health the opportunity to vote on key business decisions. This means that no matter how involved you are in our democracy, you can have your say on key issues that impact the health and wellbeing services you receive.


Benenden Health’s current democratic structure requires members to attend branch meetings to have their say. There is no alternative route for a member to vote on key business decisions.

Our key decisions are taken at Conference with around 250 delegates casting votes on your behalf. Conference delegates are instructed on how to vote by members who attend mandating meetings, however, with only 0.1% of the Benenden Health membership attending those meetings, we don’t believe that decision making is currently representative of our diverse membership.

As a membership organisation, all our members should have the opportunity to get involved in making key decisions without needing to attend a meeting.


3. You can vote on what impacts you

If Democracy for Tomorrow is passed at Conference in 2022, you’ll be invited to cast your vote on many important decisions that impact the way the Society is run, and the health and wellbeing services it offers. Some of the things you can expect to vote on include:

The Board of Directors - the people making decisions at the highest level of the Society.

Your Benenden Health Community Representatives - the people running your Benenden Health Community and through which your ideas will be considered, explored, and developed.

New products and services - you can have a direct impact on the services you receive.


4. You’ll be given the tools to make an informed vote

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you know enough to vote. We’ll be equipping you with all the details you need to make an informed vote. Any proposals requiring a Direct Member Vote will be discussed at length by the Board and the Member Council which will flow through to your Benenden Health Community.

Proposals will be communicated through our new member meet-ups and online communities and once voting opens it will be accompanied by a clear rationale. When it comes to electing the Board of Directors and your Benenden Health Community Representatives, the candidates will be supported by clear and concise biographical information with more detail available on request.