What does discretionary mean?

Discretionary healthcare - A quick overview
Treating every case individually

When you ask for our help we assess the request on its merit, judging whether the need for care is something we can help you with. Be it through sound advice and counselling or prompt diagnosis and treatment, we will consider it all.This individual approach means we may be able to help alleviate the distress long waiting lists can cause

Making sure the decision is right for you

Being a discretionary provider of healthcare services, we base our decision on many aspects; one of the major ones is how it affects the quality of your life. So if waiting and worrying is starting to hamper your everyday life, we will do our best to help.

There are so many ways we look to help you to get the right healthcare. Our approach means we have a conversation with you and decide how we can help. To fully understand how our discretionary approach works we have created a short video (2:29)

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What Does Discretionary Mean Youtube Video

Video transcript
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"For me discretion is about treating all of our members individually, everyone is important, but everyone has individual needs and so it's about listening and it’s about acting on what they tell us and helping them in any way we can.

A mutual is a community of like-minded people coming together to share life's big risks and in Benendens case it's about health. It's complementary to the NHS. The discretionary bit is absolutely vital for the members to understand that sometimes it's better to go through the NHS route and sometimes it's better to go through the benenden route but ultimately benenden want to make sure that it is the members that are looked after first and foremost.

Everyone pays exactly the same rate on a monthly basis and you are reassured all those contributions will go towards a member who is most at need. We do accept everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions of age and as long as you live within the UK.

So we would always recommend that the member goes to see their GP first and explore what the NHS wait time is. If with that information the member feels that's impacting them we would encourage them to give us a call and then share that information with us so that we can fully understand what's required what help we can provide. We asked quite a lot of questions but the reason for doing that is we can gather all the information in full the more we understand their situation the better placed we are to help.

The conversation we have with our members is extremely important and we have to understand that they're coming from a direction of distress. We have to really listen to what they're saying and make sure that we offer the best advice that we can.

Every one of the team are absolutely passionate about providing the member an experience they can rely on but also to help them at the time when they need it.

For the majority we can say yes and we can help them. For all of our cases where we say yes for our members you can hear it in the voice there is a relief.

It's about a community and it's been that way for a hundred and ten years and will carry on being that way."

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