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Essential plus

The essential plus assessment gives you a heart health risk assessment and lifestyle advice from a specially trained nurse. It’s an ideal choice if you’re generally healthy and would like advice from a healthcare professional about your diet, fitness and lifestyle to minimise your health risks for the future.

Length of assessment:

Up to 1 hour with a nurse or a health care professional.
The essential plus assessment has the following tests included, selected to help you improve your health and wellbeing.


  • Medical and lifestyle questionnaire
  • Dietary assessment
  • Guide to healthy living
  • Personalised medical report and recommendations
  • Lifestyle consultation with nurse


  • Blood pressure
  • Body composition (height, weight, hip to waist, BMI and body fat percentage)

Blood tests

  • Cholesterol profile
  • Diabetes risk

Other Investigations

  • Cardiovascular risk score
  • Urine analysis (3 tests for diabetes infection and kidney function)
  • Vision and hearing

Female Specific Tests

  • Breast cancer awareness

Male Specific Tests

  • Testicular cancer awareness

If any tests are not clinically appropriate for you, your doctor will advise you.