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Medically-unexplained symptoms

What help can I get if I have a medically-unexplained symptoms condition?

  • a medically-unexplained symptom condition is a term used for any condition where you are experiencing uncomfortable physical symptoms but there is no known medical explanation; the symptoms may be linked to psychological difficulties you may be experiencing
  • examples of some medically-unexplained symptoms are fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or ME), unexplained pain and non-epileptic seizures
  • therapy has been found to be useful to those with who live with a medically-unexplained symptoms; it aims to promote improvement in quality of life
  • you may feel out of control, nervous and worried; you may also feel low in confidence about dealing with your difficulties, or adjusting your everyday life around your medically-unexplained symptoms
  • we can help you to increase your confidence well as assist you in managing your mood
  • we can often understand and explain some uncomfortable physical symptoms when we look at how our thoughts, feelings and stresses affect our physical health; we can help you understand how your mind and body work together

Source: Insight Healthcare