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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

If you're suffering as a result of cancer or tuberculosis, you can request up to £1,500 financial assistance to fund out-of-pocket expenses.

Request Financial Assistance

This service is available after six months of membership 

What's included
What's excluded

Please ensure you've read and understand what is and isn't included 

You must have been a member for a minimum of six months before you call

To request Financial Assistance please call us between 8am and 5pm (Monday - Friday) 

Step 1

Call us on 0800 414 8100 for authorisation.

8am and 5pm
(Monday - Friday) 

Step 2 

You may be asked to provide information to support their claim such as original receipts for items purchased, correspondence from your oncologist and we may ask you to complete claims form. 

Call us on 0800 414 8100

Speak to a GP today on 0800 414 8247

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