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Financial Assistance

  • Living with cancer or tuberculosis (TB)?
  • We may be able to provide financial assistance
  • Can be requested after 6 months

Financial Assistance

We understand how medical issues can have a serious impact on financial health too. That is why Benenden Health members who are suffering as a result of cancer or tuberculosis (TB) are able to contact us to request financial assistance to purchase a range of items which may help people living with these conditions. We can help up to a maximum value of £1,500 over a 12 month period following our authorisation.

What’s included

We can offer up to £1,500 to support members with active cancer or tuberculosis (TB). Our Financial Assistance service is intended to help purchase specific items that will assist you with issues related to your condition. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Costs we will fund include:

  • Travel to medical appointments related to your condition
  • Specialised medical clothing (e.g. mastectomy bra, colostomy clothing)
  • Head coverings (including wigs)
  • Manual Lymphatic Draining (MLD)
  • Up to £500 (only) for a short recuperative break, including travel within the UK, for a maximum of four nights for the patient and one companion
  • Dental and optical costs – on receipt of a medical report confirming specific need
  • Prosthesis
  • Medical referral fees
  • Home help and home nursing provided via an agency

What’s excluded

We will only pay for items purchased within 12 months of your initial authorisation. We will pay up to the maximum limit of £1,500 for all costs.
We cannot provide support when your condition is in remission or when you are receiving maintenance treatment (including endocrine therapy and biological therapy) or your care has moved into a monitoring phase.

Already a member and need to request this service?

To request Financial Assistance you must:

  • Have been a Benenden Health member for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Call us on 0800 414 8100 for prior authorisation or +44 800 414 8100 from abroad

You will be asked to send us original receipts for any item purchased or we will send you a claim form which you must complete for any travel expenses.

We will reimburse you for items that assist you with specific issues related to your condition. For further advice on items we will pay for, you should contact our Member Services team.

We may review cases during the 12 month authorisation period by requesting that you provide us a medical report.

Medically reviewed by Cheryl Lythgoe on 19th December 2019. Next review date: 19th December 2020.