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Psychological Wellbeing Support

  • Short term interim support
  • Short term support to help you manage and overcome a mental health issue
  • Available after 6 months

Psychological Wellbeing Support - helping look after your mental health

As well as the 24/7 Psychological Wellbeing Helpline, which you can access from day 1 of being a Benenden Health member, after 6 months membership you can access the full Psychological Wellbeing Support service.

What’s included

Our Psychological Wellbeing Support service provides short-term support to help you manage and overcome a mental health issue, or to help support you while you await NHS support. If you're struggling with work or personal problems, we may be able to offer short term support which can offer a positive and personalised service to help you get back on track. Our mental health service can provide short term solution focused therapy to help you to make changes, review your difficulties and manage your mental health and wellbeing.

Your personal assessment

  • To assist our therapist in assessing your needs they may ask you to provide some information from your GP.
  • If we are able to help, this information will be required to ensure the most appropriate form of mental health support is provided. It maybe of help if you have seen your GP prior to accessing the service.
  • Following receipt of this information, our therapist will contact you for a detailed discussion of your difficulties and needs.
  • Should a course of short term course of therapy be deemed suitable during the assessment, the therapist will also work with you to determine the most appropriate type of therapy and the number of sessions to be provided.
  • Therapy sessions may be delivered in various ways (e.g. by telephone, skype or face to face) and this will be confirmed during your assessment.
  • As part of your assessment, and in your therapy sessions, you will complete short wellbeing questionnaires. These help to monitor your symptoms over the course of the treatment and to provide personalised advice.
  • If you have not had therapy before it may take time to get used to the process, however, many people find the course of treatment to be hugely beneficial in helping them to make positive changes.
  • Talking therapies rely on people being ready to make changes and to be engaged as an active participant in the therapy process. This may involve you undertaking worksheets to record activities you have undertaken between sessions.
  • Getting help often involves talking about personal thoughts, feelings and painful events can be difficult and distressing; however your practitioner will support you throughout the process.

If you are recommended face-to-face therapy, we will provide this for you via our national network of over 700 therapists. We can provide a course of telephone counselling or face-to-face therapy, for a maximum of 6 sessions.

Mental health problems we can help with

What’s excluded

It is important to note that our Psychological Wellbeing Support service is designed to provide short-term support. As a result, there may be cases where we are unable to support you due to the complexity of your circumstances. In these instances we will provide as much telephone guidance as we deem appropriate for you. Please also note that we cannot offer support for mental health conditions which our therapist determines are long-term. Providing psychological wellbeing support to children under the age of 16 is a specialised area which our Psychological Wellbeing Support service cannot provide. In these cases our therapist can provide advice on finding support. If the therapist deems it appropriate Benenden will reimburse up to £300 of therapy costs.

Already a member and need to request this service?

To request Psychological Wellbeing Support you must:

  • Have been a Benenden Health member for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Call our 24/7 helpline on 0800 414 8247 (select option 2) or +44 800 414 8247 from abroad

When you speak to our therapist they will ask you for information from your GP to help them decide on the most appropriate form of care for you. If you have this information to hand at the time of your call, it will help to speed up access to further support.

Please note: some mobile networks limit access to UK-based free-phone numbers when calling from abroad. Please contact your mobile network provider if you experience issues, or use a landline for your call.