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The benenden National Health Report 2014

Welcome to the National Health Report 2014 from Benenden.

This study, of 4,000 adults across the UK, benchmarks the emotional and physical wellbeing of the nation by delving into their lifestyle habits, their perception of health and wellbeing and their views on the NHS.

It also scores the respondents via eight different health indicators, which we’ve then compared to established national health guidelines to measure how well people in the UK look after themselves. Those eight health indicators are: sleep; portions of fruit and vegetables eaten; water consumption; cardio exercise per week; muscle workouts per week; alcohol consumed per week; cigarettes smoked per day and finally Body Mass Index (BMI). From the data, we are able to gain a valuable insight into the way people around the UK live their lives and look after themselves. Not only are we able to map the results region-by-region, we have also brought the results to life by charting the health of the nation’s ‘Mr & Mrs Average’.

Benenden intends to carry out this health of the nation research annually, in order to measure how British people continue to look after their health and wellbeing. Over time the results of each study will enable us to build a detailed picture of the nation’s changing health demographic and how the population responds to established national health campaigns and any underlying trends across the eight health indicators.

Take the test

Take the test and see how you compare to Mr and Mrs Average

Take our test

Download the report

Download the full National Health Report 2014 here.

Download report

Mr and Mrs Average

Find out just how healthy Mr and Mrs Average are.

Mr and Mrs Average

Regional Health Indicators

Find out how our health differs from region to region.

Regional differences


Are we as a nation getting enough sleep and rest? Find out here.

Sleep findings

Nutrition & Diet

Are we getting our five-a-day and enough water? Find out here.

Nutrition & Diet

BMI, Fitness & Exercise

Find out more about our BMI and training habits here.

Our fitness

Emotional Wellbeing

How stressed and anxious are we? Find out more here.

Emotional Wellbeing

Smoking & Alcohol

Find out more about our alcohol consumption and smoking.

Smoking & Alcohol

Health sceptisisms

Find out just what health standards there are sceptisisms against.

Health scepticisms

Future of healthcare

Find out what the public thinks about healthcare in the future.

Future healthcare

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