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Common home insurance claims

Common home insurance claims - and how to keep your home in tip top condition

It’s reassuring to know you have good home insurance cover and that if the worst were to happen in your home, you have someone to call at your time of need. However, in terms of the most common home insurance claims, these are often down to problems that could, at times, be averted. Check out our top tips to keeping your home in tip top condition.

Water damage

Water damage in the home is most likely to be caused by a leaking heating system or frozen pipes. Therefore, it is always worth carrying out routine maintenance and ensuring you have sufficient insulation.

  • Keep the heating on
  • Run cold taps regularly
  • Drain the outside tap

If you do get a leak, minimise damage by turning off the water, electricity and heating system as quickly as possible. Make sure you know how to do this prior to any mishaps.

Storm damage

Extreme weather has become a regular feature of our winters with heavy rain and high winds increasingly common. Use these tips to help minimise damage to your home and valuables;

  • Keep on top of building maintenance. This will minimise the impact of rain and wind
  • Clear gutters and drains and repair damaged roof tiles
  • If the area you live has a history of flooding, it may be worth investing in some sand bags
  • Keep an eye on weather reports to know what action you may need to take
  • If high winds are forecast, check that everything loose – such as outdoor play equipment and garden furniture – is tied down or stored away and that doors and windows are secure
  • As soon as possible, cover storm damage with tarpaulin to prevent more damage


While you can’t guarantee to keep intruders out, you can take steps to deter would-be burglars;

  • Fit and use good locks, outside lights and alarms
  • Don’t let the world know when your house will be empty
  • Keep valuables out of sight


Ensure you fit smoke alarms and that they are in working order. Not only will this minimise the need to make an insurance claim, it will help keep you and your family safe.

To reduce the chance of a blaze, don’t leave electrical appliances such as tumble dryers running or candles burning when there’s no one at home or while you’re sleeping. Take care with hair straighteners too as these are a frequent cause of household damage.

Close doors at night to prevent fire spreading and don’t overload electrical sockets.

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