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Benenden health on Ideal World TV

24th June 2013 

For the first time since opening membership to the general public, mutual healthcare provider benenden health appeared on Ideal World TV to promote its services to a national audience.

The show, which aired live saw Jane Cooper and Paul Duffy from the benenden health team discussing the mutuality and not-for-profit values of the organisation and explaining how the discretionary nature of the services benefits their members. Focusing on the high quality service provided by benenden health and how members are not asked to undergo a medical, the show highlighted  how there are no exclusions due to pre-existing medical conditions and how the price doesn’t rise with age or service use. Testimonials from current benenden health members were also featured in the show.  

Lawrence Christensen, Marketing Director said: ‘This is the first time we have taken benenden health onto TV in this way since our members made the decision to remove eligibility criteria last year allowing anyone to join.  We’ve been delighted with the success of the show’.

‘Ideal World was a great platform for us to bring our message of mutual healthcare to a wider audience – allowing us to go into detail about how we can provide low-cost discretionary healthcare which complements rather than replaces the care offered by the NHS. We received high levels of calls during the show and have been really pleased with the results.’

During the show, viewers were offered an exclusive incentive for joining. £25 M&S vouchers for new members who signed up and £10 M&S vouchers for every family member and friend added to a new or existing membership. This exclusive offer will run until 28th June 2013 – a short excerpt from the show can be viewed here for more information:

The full show is also available to view on the benenden health Youtube channel here: