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Benenden Healthcare rebrands and looks to grow in tough healthcare market

23rd January 2013

With the New Year comes a new trading style for the UK’s long-established health and wellbeing mutual Benenden Healthcare Society, as the 900,000 strong membership organisation seeks to redefine itself in a tough healthcare market.

Voted the UK’s most trusted healthcare provider for two years running, the move to rebrand follows a decision taken by the healthcare mutual’s members (at their annual conference in June 2012) to remove membership eligibility criteria. This means that all UK residents aged over 16 are eligible to join the organisation. That historic decision last summer means that for the first time in its 108 year history benenden health’s marketing team can now target the total UK population rather than just the public sector.

Marc Bell, Marketing and Business Strategy Director said:

‘Significant brand changes are being launched this week in order to convey our vision of being the intelligent approach to modern healthcare and to introduce our offering of mutual, not-for-profit healthcare offering to a wider UK audience.

‘We want to build a powerful and differentiated brand positioning behind our distinctive mutual health and wellbeing proposition that will help us stand out in an extremely competitive healthcare market. Our members’ vote has given us a massive opportunity for growth. Our goal now is to generate significant interest and reasons to join our mutual healthcare organisation.’

As part of the rebrand, a new benenden health website has also been launched, designed to be a powerful tool for members looking for healthcare advice. A new members’ area at will allow for membership details to be securely accessed and will help to drive more engagement with the members, in keeping with the democratic structure of the organisation.

As part of the rebrand, benenden is launching a multi-million pound advertising campaign which includes taking the brand onto TV for the first time, with airtime bought by MediaCom.

The launch of the new brand also means a new football shirt for York City Football Club. benenden are main shirt sponsors for the League Two club and as part of the re-brand have begun a massive shirt swap. City fans who bought a new shirt for the 2012-13 season will have those branded shirts replaced, free of charge by benenden health in an unprecedented move that will ensure fans are not out of pocket as a result of the changes brought about by the re-branding to benenden health.