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Archive 2016

8th January 2016
Are you more at risk of developing a medical condition based on where you live?

Archive 2015

19th December 2015
Research reveals the truth about employee benefits

9th November 2015
Benenden lifts the lid on who is most likely to call in sick

21st August 2015
The National Health Report 2015 REVEALED: lid lifted on the nation’s naivety about the cost of NHS care

24th April 2015
Discovering shared values with leading Danish mutual

25th March 2015
From gentle stretches to pumping Zumba – launch of 100 years of fitness video

Archive 2014

18th December 2014
Two thirds believe we’re more selfish than 20 years ago

5th December 2014
Stress can reduce your mental ability to “that of a small child”

4th November 2014
Research reveals health is low down on the list of priorities for UK people

12th September 2014
UK study by benenden health finds a nation willfully neglecting its health

5th August 2014
The ticking time-bomb of our average lives

3rd April 2014
How much do men and women worry about their looks?

14th February 2014
What becomes of the broken hearted?

Archive 2013

13th November 2013
Nearly half of people claim to have OCD-related traits or behaviours, but how do you know when it's really OCD?

14th October 2013
Lack of awareness and understanding of OCD across the UK revealed in benenden health survey

19th September 2013
Survey reveals changing attitudes to health and appearance as we get older 

28th August 2013
Study reveals changing attitudes to middle age

31st July 2013
Research reveals true cost of school holidays for parents across the UK

3rd July 2013
Public uncertainty around recent changes to the NHS

31st May 2013
Study reveals small talk may be a thing of the past

17th May 2013
Assisted Dying: should it be legalised? Watch a debate now

13th May 2013
Assisted Dying debate reopens as research reveals the extent of support for legalisation

25th April 2013
Study reveals impact of sickness absence in the workplace

27th March 2013
Study reveals high impact of stalled economy on wellbeing of workers

1st March 2013
Britain is a ‘cup half full’ nation according to latest benenden health research 

28th January 2013
Brits spend over five years worrying according to latest research

28th January 2013
Benenden health explores stress and anxiety in latest WebTV Show

Archive 2012

20th December 2012
Survey reveals pressures facing first-time mums

19th December 2012
Research reveals the cost of UK’s obsession with takeaways

22nd November 2012
Secrets of youth revealed in latest study

26th October 2012
Are Brits in need of better anger management?

27th September 2012
Latest study reveals impact of modern life on the wellbeing of married couples

25th September 2012
Benenden Healthcare brings together leading experts to discuss organ donation

22nd August 2012
Latest study reveals what Brits consider to be a 'good innings' in life

11th June 2012
Mens Health Week: British dads out of shape and putting their health at risk

28th May 2012
Study reveals the average Brit's lifetime of ailments, sickness and injury

4th April 2012
Brits missing out on their meals as hectic lifestyles take over

2nd March 2012
Retirement really is likely to disappoint many Brits

16th February 2012
Turning 50 marks the most expensive period in our lives

4th February 2012
Benenden Healthcare brings together leading experts to discuss organ donation

Archive 2011

2nd November 2011
Stress-related arguments at an all-time high according to latest research

19th August 2011
Research reveals lifetime alcoholic trends amongst UK adults

26th July 2011
One in three believe unhealthy lifestyles should affect healthcare treatment

6th July 2011
Public calls for doctors in private practice to repay NHS training costs

22nd June 2011
Parents attitude towards childhood obesity revealed

25th May 2011
Study reveals different attitudes to sickness absence between men and women

31st March 2011
Brits all puffed out

3rd March 2011
Are Brits reliant on after-work alcohol? 

17th January 2011
Are British women placing themselves at risk by putting looks before health?

Archive 2010

19th July 2010
Benenden Healthcare launches new research at Parliamentary reception 

29th June 2010
People welcome more patient power 

21st April 2010
Boorman Review: The impact of sickness absence on UK businesses

9th March 2010
UK confirmed as the 'moan nation' 

Archive 2009

10th December 2009
Total rewards schemes offer major opportunity for the public sector

17th May 2009
One in ten set to terminate supplier agreements due to lack of trust or respect

Archive 2008

5th May 2008
Workers value healthcare above company bonuses

3rd March 2008
Worried Brits in work despite feeling ill

7th February 2008
1.6 million smokers gave up due to smoking ban

23rd January 2008
Average GP works six days a year whilst feeling ill

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