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School competition winners in VIP visit to Bootham Crescent

11th February 2017

Competition winners from York schools enjoyed a special visit on 11th February to Bootham Crescent to watch York City play against Eastleigh, after taking part in a sugar swap initiative with club sponsors Benenden.

The competition formed part of interactive workshops at schools city-wide, which saw more than 2000 primary school children in York and the surrounding area take part in the sessions. The workshops were organised by Benenden in partnership with coaches from the York City FC Foundation.

The sessions were designed to be educational, fun and engaging and the children were tasked with designing their own sugar swops poster and a pledge of how they can reduce the amount of sugar they eat.

Nicola Taylor, Communications Co-ordinator at Benenden said: “We had some great feedback from the workshops and it was brilliant to see the children enjoying taking part and learning more about sugar, hidden sugars and how they can lead a healthier life by swopping a sugary snack for a healthy one.

“The competition gave us a chance to see how much the children had learned in the session and further encouraged them to think about how they can reduce their sugar intake. We hope the winners enjoy the match.”

The scheme reached 20 schools across the York area, including  Key Stage One and Two classes. The winning pupils were from Alne Primary School, Haxby Road, Wheldrake with Thorganby, Headlands Primary and Hempland Primary.

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