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Employee health and wellbeing

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We believe in the importance of employee health and wellbeing

That's why we're focused on undertaking our own research endorsed by industry experts into key issues facing the UK's workforce today to provide you with guidance on how to better support your employees, as well as improve business performance.

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Whether you’re currently struggling to create your wellbeing strategy, have high mental health absenteeism or need more general guidance on supporting your employees, we have a variety of resources to suit your business needs

National health report

This report looks at the range of health issues that employees experience and their implications.

  • See how you can take care of your employees to nurture a healthy and happy workforce.
  • Learn about the mental and physical concerns affecting your workforce.
  • See which benefits employees value the most and find out where the gaps are in your existing health support.

Download our national health report

Mental wellbeing

This report provides in-depth insight into employer and employee attitudes towards mental wellbeing

  • What do your employees really think about the mental wellbeing provision you offer?
  • What factors are negatively influencing the mental wellbeing of your workforce?
  • Is there still a stigma about mental wellbeing in the workplace, and what you can do to break it?

Download our mental wellbeing report

Health and wellbeing

This guide takes you through the key stages to creating a health and wellbeing strategy at your organisation 

  • Planning your approach 
  • Getting management buy in and securing budget 
  • Developing your strategy

Download our health & wellbeing guide
Mental health in the workplace

Mental health

This guide explores current attitudes to mental health in the workplace 

  • How much of an issue is mental health in the workplace?
  • Employees' views on dealing with mental health issues
  • Mental health support in the workplace

Download our mental health guide

Multigenerational workforce

This guide helps employers understand the specific health and wellbeing needs of every generation in their workforce

  • Defining the multigenerational breakdown of employees
  • The wellbeing needs of a workforce
  • Develop a strategy for a multigenerational workforce

Download the multigenerational workforce guide

Family and caring commitments

This guide helps employers understand the unique needs of their employees who have caring responsibilities 

  • How difficult is balancing work with caring for family?
  • The impacts on employers
  • Support from employers

Download the family caring guide

Medically reviewed by Cheryl Lythgoe on 15th March 2021. Next review date: 15th March 2022.