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Coronavirus (COVID-19) We know during this difficult period you may have a number of questions about COVID-19. Find out how our services and products can help support you.

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Employee health and wellbeing resources

Download our free guides and reports on employee health and wellbeing from our industry experts. 

Health and wellbeing resources - Benenden Health for Business

Do you need help with your wellbeing strategy? Do you have high mental health absenteeism? Our industry reports and guides are designed to help and support the needs of your business. 

Help keep your employees happy, healthy and rewarded

55% of employees would choose a job based on health benefits 

66% of employees have experiences mental health issues at work 

75% of employees called in sick at least once due to stress in 2020

Our reports  

Workplace attitudes towards mental health

  • What do your employees really think about the mental wellbeing provision you offer?
  • What factors are negatively influencing the mental wellbeing of your workforce?
  • Is there still a stigma about mental wellbeing in the workplace, and what you can do to break it?

Download report (PDF)

 Our guides 

Creating a health and wellbeing strategy

  • Planning your approach.
  • Getting management buy in and securing budget.
  • Developing your strategy

Download guide (PDF)

Understanding family and care commitments

  • How difficult is balancing work with caring for family?
  • The impacts on employers.
  • Support from employers.

Download guide (PDF)

"Making people feel nurtured and supported is essential"

"Being able to offer a tangible benefit that can be used by all staff, from teachers to technicians, and gardeners to office staff, is just great"


Jo Lander, Head of Human Resources at St George’s, an independent school in Weybridge

Understanding multigenerational needs in the workplace

  • Defining the multigenerational breakdown of employees.
  • The wellbeing needs of a workforce.
  • evelop a strategy for a multigenerational workforce.

Download guide (PDF)

Workplace attitudes towards mental health

  • How much of an issue is mental health in the workplace?
  • Employees' views on dealing with mental health issues.
  • Mental health support in the workplace.


Download guide (PDF)

Improving employee wellbeing

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