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How dangerous is your desk?

Is your desk making you ill?

Dirty desks, late nights, non-existent lunch breaks: it’s official, we’re becoming a nation of desk dwellers. And while, for some, the title of ‘workaholic’ may be a badge of honour, this devotion to our workstations is actually making us ill.

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27% of people experience painful migraines at work.
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A huge 84% of workers suffer from back pain and posture issues.
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A shocking 65% of UK employees rarely get (or take) a traditional lunch hour.
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Just 28% of employees regularly clean their desks, leaving plenty of room for bacteria to multiply.
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58% of survey respondents reported feeling tired at work unsurprising, when 59% said they were kept up with work worries.
> Find out how poor sleep affects employees and how you can help.

42% of desk bound employees suffer from eye strain.
> Discover what you can do to look after your eyes

23% of people eat at their desk five times a week.

39% of employees claim their desk-bound lunch is due to having too much work.

54% of respondents told us that work gets in the way of exercise.

Just 7% of people try to do some form of exercise when they do manage to take their lunch hour. 56% of respondents told us that work gets in the way of exercise.

87% blame illness on work conditions

Despite believing they pick up bugs at work, 46% still go into work when ill
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80% of workers said their employers don’t actively encourage them to be healthy and exercise
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