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Health Assessments

Get the facts on your health

Health Assessments

Some conditions may not show symptoms

Even if you’re not feeling unwell, conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol may have no symptoms.

Benenden Health Assessments provide an excellent opportunity to better understand your current state of health and how you can work towards improving it. They can provide more in-depth tests that aren’t available with a standard NHS check-up, and give you the opportunity to raise any specific health concerns with our qualified healthcare professionals.

Choose an assessment that suits you

With four levels to choose from and preferential prices for our members, we’re sure you’ll find an assessment to suit your needs. Arm yourself with the tools you need to be able to make informed decisions about dietary and lifestyle choices.

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Dennice wanted to get peace of mind and reassurance from her health assessment, believing that early detection can give a greater chance of success. This is an advertisement feature.

As a busy working mum, Karen wanted reassurance she was fit and healthy, to ensure she could keep up with her busy family and work life.



What we can offer you

As a Benenden Health member you can access our discounted range of comprehensive health assessments.

Benenden Health Assessments are designed to help you better understand your health. Even if you’re not feeling unwell, you may be worried about potential health issues, such as hereditary conditions that you need to be aware of. With four levels to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find an assessment to suit your needs. You can even book an assessment online and we’ll get in touch to confirm a few details and take secure payment.

Unfortunately, our Essential Assessment is no longer available to purchase. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Essential Plus
Advanced Plus
Standard Rate
Non-Member Price
Benenden Health Member Price
Medical Report Feedback
10 working days
10 working days
10 working days
10 working days
HA Duration
up to 1 hour
up to 1 hour
up to 2 hour
up to 3 hour
Lead clinician
Nurse or Health Care Professional
Dr & Nurse
Dr & Nurse
Dr & Nurse
Medical & Lifestyle questionnaire
You will be sent a medical and lifestyle questionnaire to complete before you attend your assessment.
12 Months Plan/Guide to Healthy Living
When you complete your assessment you will be given our Guide to Health Living booklet which gives information and advice on adopting a healthier lifestyle.
Dietary assessment
We will assess your current diet to see if improvements can be made.
Personalised medical report and recommendations
You will receive a personalised medical report and recommendations based on the results of your health assessment.
Lifestyle consultation with nurse / HCP
Our nurse will complete a general lifestyle consultation with you on the day and go through your questionnaire.
Consultation with Doctor
The doctor will take down your medical history and family history as both have relevance to your health. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any medical concerns or worries with the doctor.
Physical examination with a Doctor
The doctor will complete a full physical examination, checking you from top to toe.
Blood pressure
We will check your blood pressure, to detect any difference from normal values as high blood pressure increases your risk of heart disease and stroke.
Body Mass Index (BMI)
BMI is the correlation between your height and weight and helps to determine if you are a healthy weight.
Body composition (height, weight, hip to waist & body fat percentage)
In addition to BMI we will estimate your percentage body fat, and we will take your waist and hip measurements and calculate the ratio. The reason we do that is because if you are carrying any excess weight the way you carry it is almost as important as how much you carry.
Blood Tests
Total Cholesterol, Cholesterol & HDL
Measures all the blood fats, not just a total cholesterol, but it breaks it down into the LDL (which is your 'bad' cholesterol) and the HDL (which is your 'good' cholesterol), total and triglyceride levels.
Diabetes Risk
A blood test to check for signs of diabetes
Full blood count (for anaemia and other diseases)
This test is looking for problems with the blood. Things like anaemia, viral or bacterial infections, or even more serious disorders like leukaemia.
Kidney function
This test evaluates how well the kidneys are functioning.
We will measure the levels of uric acid in your blood.
Liver function
This is a series of tests to determine how well the liver is functioning within the body.
Thyroid function test
This test checks to see the thyroid is not under or over active.
Other Investigations
Cardiovascular Risk Score
We will calculate your risk of developing heart disease in the next 10 years.
Urine Analysis (3 tests for diabetes, infection and Kidney function)
This is looking for early signs of diabetes, or kidney, bladder or other urinary tract problems.
Vision & Hearing
The vision test checks whether you have 20/20 vision (or if you wear glasses or contact lenses whether they give you 20/20 vision) we also check if you are colour blind. We also carry out a hearing test.
Bowel cancer screening (40+) (blood and stool test)
This is a stool sample test which is looking for disease of the bowel.
Resting ECG
Looks at the rate, rhythm and condition of your heart while at rest.
Chest X Ray (if clinically appropriate)
A chest x-ray is used to detect any abnormalities in the lungs, it is only carried out if clinically appropriate, which your doctor will determine on the day.
Lung function tests
This test will give a measure your overall lung wellbeing.
Exercise ECG (age 35-69)
An exercise ECG takes place on a treadmill, which gives an indication of fitness, heart disease and of the functioning of the heart under stress.
Female Specific tests
Breast cancer awareness
The doctor will discuss regular self-examination and how to look for changes in the breasts.
Breast examination
The doctor will conduct a clinical breast examination checking for abnormalities and will give instruction on self-examination.
Mammography (aged 40 and over)
This test consists of an x-ray called a mammogram which is used to spot cancers early.
Cervical cancer screening (including HPV if clinically appropriate)
This is a smear test to detect any early signs of cervical cancer.
Male Specific Tests
Testicular Cancer awareness
The doctor will discuss regular self-examination and how to look for changes in the testicles.
Testicular examination
The doctor will conduct a clinical testicular examination checking for abnormalities and will give instruction on self-examination.
Prostate cancer blood test (over 50)
This is a blood test which helps in highlighting disease of the prostate and is usually conducted in conjunction with a physical examination of the prostate gland.

Important information

View a list of all our available locations.

Advanced Plus health assessments are only available for ages 18-69, due to the nature of the specific tests included within it. All other assessment levels are available to everyone aged over 18.

Mammography additional cost £98, Prostate cancer blood test additional cost £74.

† This test is offered to men aged 50+ or who are symptomatic and is conducted using a finger prick sample of blood to measure the level of PSA (prostate-specific antigen) in the blood. Please note this only applies to the Essential assessment. The other assessments which include this test are conducted using a venous sample (a procedure in which the sample of blood is taken from a vein).

Unfortunately, our Essential Assessment is no longer available to purchase. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Locations for Essential Plus, Select, Advanced & Advanced Plus assessment levels

BMI Albyn Hospital
BMI The Hampshire Clinic
BMI Bath Clinic
BMI The Manor Hospital
BMI The Priory Hospital
Canary Wharf, London
BMI The Beaumont Hospital
BMI Syon Clinic
Brentford, Middlesex
BMI St Edmunds Hospital
Bury St Edmunds
BMI The Chaucer Hospital
BMI The Runnymede Hospital
BMI Ross Hall Hospital
BMI The Chiltern Hospital
Great Missenden
BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital
BMI The Duchy Hospital
BMI Hendon Hospital
Hendon, London
BMI The Alexandra Hospital
BMI The Saxon Clinic
Milton Keynes
Consult Healthcare Ltd
BMI The Harbour Hospital
BMI Thornbury Hospital
BMI The Ridgeway Hospital
BMI Sarum Road Hospital





















 †These hospitals do not offer the 'Advanced Plus' health assessment

‡These hospitals work in partnership with BMI Healthcare and the cost for each assessment outlined on our website still apply.

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Lines are open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (Except Bank Holidays)


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