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Health Assessments
To purchase a Health Assessment or for any queries:

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Health Assessments

  • Five private health check packages with member prices starting from £84.

  • Over 400 locations nationwide.

  • Home Test Kits with three levels to suit your needs with member prices starting from £53.

Health Assessments

Discover our full health check packages

Benenden Health is proud to partner with Bluecrest Wellness to provide more affordable and convenient health assessments for our members. With over 400 locations nationwide, and Home Test Kits available, you should be able to find a health assessment that's right for you. Getting a health check shouldn’t be difficult, that’s why at Benenden Health our aim is to inspire and motivate you to live a healthier, happier and longer life.


What is a health assessment?

A health assessment is a series of tests and examinations designed to highlight possible health concerns in the early stages. Even if you’re not feeling unwell, some conditions like high blood pressure or high cholesterol may have no symptoms, but could dramatically affect your quality of life in the future.

A full private health check can help identify warning signs of hereditary and hidden illnesses and can provide tests that aren't normally available on the NHS unless you're symptomatic. It's an excellent opportunity to help you gain a better understanding of your current state of health and how you can work towards improving it. 

That’s why at Benenden Health we’re proud and committed to providing high-quality private health checks and assessments at affordable prices, delivered across 10,000 clinics at 400 locations.

Health assessment clinics
  • Choose from one of over 400 locations nationwide. 

  • Carried out by a friendly Bluecrest Health Assessment Specialist.

  • Five levels of private health check to suit your needs, with member prices from £84.

  • Personalised results report available digitally and in hard copy, containing a GP summary and follow up advice.

Home Test Kits
  • Monitor your health assessment results from the comfort of your home.
  • Simple and easy to complete.
  • Three levels to suit your needs with member prices from £53.
  • Personal appointment with a virtual Health Coach to support you through your self-collection test.
  • Includes a Mental Wellbeing questionnaire and consultation with an experienced Emotional Wellbeing Adviser.

Benenden Health members

As a Benenden Health member you can take advantage of preferential pricing* across our range of health assessments

Benenden Health Assessments are designed to help you better understand your health. Even if you’re not feeling unwell, you may be worried about potential health issues, such as hereditary conditions that you need to be aware of. We offer private health checks for heart disease, cholesterol, glucose, liver function, kidney function, digestive disorders, bowel health, anaemia and many more.

With five comprehensive assessment levels available you should be able to find a health assessment that's right for your lifestyle and goals.


Bluecrest Wellness provide their health assessments across 10,000 clinics at over 400 locations nationwide. Clinics are usually set up in meeting rooms within comfortable hotels or conference centres. Not only does this mean convenience – you should find a clinic close to where you live or work – it also means overheads are low and the savings can be passed on to our members.

Your appointment will be with a knowledgeable and approachable Health Assessment Specialist who specialises in phlebotomy (blood-taking) and the provision of health testing. They'll take your blood sample before asking you a few questions about your health and lifestyle. They'll also conduct biometric analysis, take some key body measurements including height and weight and perform any additional tests included in your chosen assessment. The whole process only takes 20-30 minutes.

Your samples and the readings taken during your appointment are sent for processing. Following your health assessment, a personalised full health check report, which includes appropriate follow-up advice and a GP summary will be prepared and available both digitally and a print copy will be posted to you within 21 days.

Our video shows how we'll carry out your private health check and what happens once you have your results.

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Benenden Health members

As a Benenden Health member you can take advantage of preferential pricing* across our range of health assessments.


Call 0800 652 2209 or book online





Benenden Prevention Plus
Benenden Active
Standard price
Usual member price
Special member price until 31 July 2024
Assessment duration
20 min
25 min
25 min
30 min
30 min
Biometric analysis
Includes a breakdown of the percentages and masses of the various components of your body, such as muscle mass, body fat, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age and more.
Blood pressure
An arm cuff, attached to a blood pressure monitor, will be placed on your upper arm to assess your blood pressure.
Cholesterol status
This test measures all the levels of the various types of cholesterol in your blood stream. Small amounts of cholesterol are needed for healthy bodily function, but imbalances can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Diabetes risk
This test measures the level of glucose in your blood. If pre-diabetes is identified (meaning a high risk of type 2 diabetes), this can be addressed through diet and lifestyle changes.
Muscular health
This test measures the strength of your hand grip using a dynamometer. Good grip strength is associated with a decreased risk of functional limitations and frailty in later life.
Good health advice
Simple lifestyle changes to help you maintain general good health. Along with straightforward self-examination steps to help you spot the early signs of breast and testicular cancer.
Heart disease and stroke risk assessment
We combine information gathered at your health assessment (including blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels) to give you an indication of your risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Kidney function
Your kidney function test is a panel of three bloods tests which measure the amount of sodium (salt) and two chemical waste products (urea and creatinine) in the blood.
Liver function
Your liver function test is a panel of five bloods tests which measure the levels of the liver enzymes ALT, AST, ALP and GGT, in addition to the liver waste product bilirubin.
Peripheral arterial disease
An ABPI test uses sensors attached to your arms and legs to detect any difference in blood pressure, which can indicate PAD. Suitable for over 40s only.
Uric acid
Uric acid is a waste product made from the digestion of protein. Elevated levels of uric acid are associated with an increased risk of developing gout, a common form of inflammatory arthritis.
Bone health, energy and muscles
This blood test looks at four key readings including calcium, corrected calcium and phosphate. Calcium is essential for healthy bones, teeth, muscle function, and energy production.
Essential proteins and iron
These blood tests measure a number of important proteins found in the blood that are necessary for healthy bodily function, and iron which is required for red blood cell production.
Mental wellbeing
Involves confidential questionnaires to help assess four aspects of your psychological wellbeing that can be linked to stress: anxiety, depression/mood, resilience, and engagement.
Mental wellbeing consultation
Arrange a private 30-minute telephone consultation with an experienced Emotional Wellbeing Adviser to talk through any emotional/mental wellbeing concerns you may have.
Heart rhythm
A 6-lead ECG test will be used to check your heart rhythm. An accredited Cardiac Data Analyst will then review your trace (the image of your heartbeat over a period of time).
Lung function check
This test measures whether your lung function is within the normal range, the level of obstruction in your lungs, and your ‘lung age’ if you are a smoker.
Musculoskeletal health test
Our musculoskeletal health test allow us to measure the risk of any developing and long-term back problems and to help guide you in managing your back health more effectively.
MSK Wellbeing consultation
Our Musculoskeletal (MSK) Wellbeing Adviser consultations are designed to help you alleviate and prevent suffering from general aches and pains such as neck and backache.
Blood health profile
This test gives 10 key readings to help assess blood health and immunity, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Your blood count can give insight into several conditions including anaemia.
Liver fibrosis
The FIB4 test is a non-invasive scoring system for liver fibrosis (the scarring process that represents the liver’s response to injury), which uses your AST, ALT and platelet blood results.
Vitamin B12
This test measures the vitamin B12 (or cobalamin) levels in the blood. Vitamin B12 is vital for red blood cell formation, tissue repair, DNA synthesis and good nerve health.
Bowel cancer risk (qFIT)
The qFIT test is used to detect traces of human blood in a stool sample. You'll be given a self-collection kit with full instructions on how to collect a small stool sample at home.
Advanced diabetes
While glucose testing measures glucose levels in the blood at one moment in time, a HbA1c test can give the wider picture of the average amount of glucose over the last few months.
Thyroid function
The thyroid is a small gland in the neck which produces thyroxine, a hormone essential in regulating metabolism. This test measures the amount of thyroid stimulating hormone and thyroxine in the blood.
Lipoprotein (a)
This specialist test measures the amount of lipoprotein (a) in your blood. High levels are a risk factor for heart disease and stroke because they can stick to the walls of your arteries.
Rheumatoid arthritis
Measures both your Rheumatoid Factor and Anti-CCP Antibodies. Raised levels indicate an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis.
Dementia risk
The General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition is designed to recognise dementia. You will be asked a series of 5 questions to test cognition and memory.
Urine analysis
Involves the analysis of a urine sample, posted by you to our laboratory from the comfort of your own home. Our laboratory will check for any indicators of infections, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, kidney problems, and more.

At Benenden Health we're always thinking of ways to help you put your health first. Although we hope you're always in good health, some conditions like high cholesterol and pre-diabetes may not always show symptoms.

Our convenient self-collection Home Test Kits can easily help you identify warning signs of hereditary and asymptomatic illnesses, all from the comfort of your own home.

  • Monitor your health from the comfort of your home.

  • Up to 37 readings about your health.

  • Simple and easy to complete.

  • Three levels of self-collection private health checks to suit your needs with member prices from £53.

  • Personal appointment with a virtual Health Coach to support you through your self-collection test.

  • Includes a Mental Wellbeing questionnaire and consultation with an experienced Emotional Wellbeing Adviser.

Our video takes you through the step-by-step process of collecting your blood sample

Length [3.19]

  • Select which home testing kit you would like from Base, Extra or Total.

  • Book your virtual appointment by choosing a date and time which is most convenient for you.

  • Receive your self-collection kit in the post.

  • Our friendly health coaches will guide you through your self-collection during your virtual appointment.

  • Drop your completed health kit off to the nearest post box (pre-paid shipping included).

  • Your results will be ready to view online within eight days.

  • Once you've purchased your home test kit, your mental wellbeing questionnaire will be available for you to complete online, along with instructions on how to book your 30 minute consultation with an experienced Emotional Wellbeing Adviser.

We know that collecting your own sample can sometimes be a little difficult, so we can support you to ensure a safe and effective sample is taken. Your private appointment will be led by one of our friendly health coaches to guide you through your self-collection test. This service is fully included in the price of the kit.


21 readings.

Virtual appointment.

Postage and packaging.

Full lab analysis.

Results available online.

Standard Price £59
Member Price £53

34 readings.

Virtual appointment.

Postage and packaging.

Full lab analysis.

Results available online.

Standard Price £89
Member Price £82

37 readings.

Virtual appointment.

Postage and packaging.

Full lab analysis.

Results available online.

Standard Price £119
Member Price £114

The home testing kits are suitable for people aged 18 – 79 years old


Benenden Health members

As a Benenden Health member you can take advantage of a 10%* discount off our range of home test kits.


We've answered the most common queries below, but if you need to know anything not answered here you can call our team on 0800 652 2209 who will be happy to help you.


Important Information

Please note, the Benenden Ultimate Health Assessment is only available for ages 18-79, due to the nature of the specific tests included within it. All other assessment levels are available to everyone aged 18-88. However, if you are over 79, certain tests may be modified to be ‘age appropriate’. This is because we don't want to cause any unnecessary worry in the individuals we screen, as our screenings focus on the prevention of illnesses and some tests are not medically appropriate for those over 79.

We are unable to carry out a health assessment if you are pregnant. There are significant physical changes during pregnancy, and results from a health assessment would not be accurate. If you have any health concerns while pregnant, please contact your GP or midwife. If you have recently given birth and if you are breast-feeding you can have a health assessment, but you will need to wait until three months after giving birth to attend an assessment.

During the booking process you'll be asked to provide an email address, which is used to create an account where you can access your confidential assessment results. For this reason, Bluecrest can't use the same email address for bookings for more than one person.

*Preferential pricing is offered to Benenden Health members through our partnership with Bluecrest Wellness. The saving has already been applied to prices quoted in any literature, online and over the phone.

^Discount amount quoted is based on the standard price for non-Benenden Health members, if booked through Benenden Health. Benenden Health membership must be verified. Valid on bookings made up to and including 31/07/24. Benenden Health reserves the right to alter, amend or withdraw this offer at any time.