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View the results of the 2023 Direct Member Voting process announced at Conference 2023.

Conference is our Annual General Meeting (AGM) where key Society business is addressed. It brings our members together to focus on strategy, health and wellbeing and the services we offer.

Our Conference is a collaborative event with two key components: the Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the Discussion Sessions.

The Society’s AGM Business includes:

  • The appointment of the Society’s Board of Directors and Benenden Health Community Representatives.
  • The Society’s Annual Report and Accounts.
  • Appointment of the Society’s auditors.
  • Voting on the Director’s Remuneration Report.
  • Voting on amendments to the Society’s Rulebook.
  • Voting on proposals.

All members are invited to participate in decision-making via Direct Member Voting. You can expect to receive your voting pack in May.

The Discussion Sessions are attended by your Benenden Health Community Representatives and include:

  • Group debates, workshops and presentations giving attendees opportunities to listen, discuss and share their knowledge.

  • Topics will be prompted by suggestions raised through our Benenden Health Communities to the Member Council and from the Board. They will also focus on the Society’s strategic direction, its services and the wider health and wellbeing environment.

  • Discussions will be collaborative with the intention of seeking agreement that's in the best interest of our members.

  • Indicative votes may be taken to make sure the Board fully understands the views of representatives.

Any member will be able to attend the AGM portion of our Conference if they wish to vote in person, but members are encouraged to vote either via post or online. We will also broadcast Conference via our online platform so all members can watch it if they wish.

Attendance at the Conference Discussion Sessions is reserved for the Board of Directors, the Member Council and Benenden Health Community Representatives. Each Benenden Health Community will choose representatives to attend the Society’s Conference based on the number of members in their Community. Communities may also nominate members from their Community (who don’t have to be Community Representatives) to attend in an observer capacity.

No, you'll also be able to vote via post or online.

A Conference Facilitation Panel are responsible for delivering creative, friendly and participative Discussion Sessions at Conference. They'll work closely with the Member Council and the Society Secretary to schedule topics for discussion. This might include guest speakers, presentations, workshops, and breakout groups, as well as general debate.

The Panel will consist of six members, and they'll elect a Chair and a Deputy Chair (from within their number). The Society Secretary will act as secretary to the Panel.


There are six Member-Nominated Directors on Benenden Health's Board. If you feel that you have the skills and experience to serve on the Board, you can find out more below. In this article we will answer your questions about:


 The nomination window for this year’s Board election has now closed. However, the election process is explained below if you're interested in submitting a self-nomination in a future election.

Our Board of Directors is responsible for making decisions in the best interests of our members.

The Board sets the strategic direction of the Society, monitoring and oversight of operational activity and compliance with current legislation including our own Rulebook and propositions passed at Conference.

Operational responsibility for the conduct of the Society’s business is delegated to the Chief Executive, so it isn’t the Board’s responsibility to manage the Society. The Board is responsible for providing oversight and constructive challenge to the executive directors.

The Board comprises:

  • The Chair who is one of the Board-Nominated Non-Executive Directors.

  • Six Member-Nominated Non-Executive Directors.

  • Six Board-Nominated Non-Executive Directors.

  • Two Executive Directors, who are senior employees of Benenden Health.

Directors serve a three-year term of office but can re-stand for election (subject to nomination) until they have served a maximum of three terms, at which point they are no longer eligible for re-election. Roles are vacated on a rotational basis, with at least one third of the Board standing down each year. Elections are held by Direct Member Vote.

The Role

The role of Non-Executive Director for the Society is equivalent to that of a non-executive director in a listed company. Members of the Board direct the business of an organisation with a considerable turnover and must be accountable in that role.

Find out more by downloading the detailed background information about the role.

Nomination and Election Process

Any member may self-nominate to stand for election for a Member-Nominated Non-Executive Director post during the nomination window.

To submit a nomination, candidates will be asked to:

  • Complete an application form, which includes a questionnaire based on the questions asked by the Financial Conduct Authority for "approved persons" and a self-assessment of the essential competencies required for the role.

  • Supply an up-to-date CV.

This documentation will be assessed by a panel comprised of representatives of the Board of Directors, representatives of the Member Council and chaired by an independent third party. Having assessed the documentation, the panel may choose to remove candidates from the process under Rule 24.5 on the basis that the candidates have not demonstrated the required capabilities to serve on the Board of Directors. Candidates will be notified of the outcome of this process.

Candidates continuing in the process may be required to attend an introductory candidate session which may be held in person or remotely.

Those candidates continuing in the process will be asked to:

  • Provide required information for Benenden Health to carry out background checks (including credit checks and criminal record checks).

  • Provide employment references (if employed within the last 5 years).

  • Submit biographical details, responses to a set of mandatory questions and a recent photograph to include in the election section of the Conference Agenda and Direct Member Voting pack.

  • Attend a mandatory panel interview. The interview panel will be made up of representatives of the Board of Directors, representatives of the Member Council and will be chaired by an independent third party. Following the interview, the panel may choose to remove candidates from the process under Rule 24.5 on the basis that the candidates have not demonstrated the required capabilities to serve on the Board of Directors.

Candidates who will be aged 70 or over at the time of the election must be approved by the Board as eligible to stand for election in accordance with Rule 24.1.1. 

Board elections are carried out via Direct Member Voting – a ballot of all Society members with the results announced at our Annual Conference each year.

If you're interested in joining our Board of Directors and self-nominating in a future election, you can find further information about the role in the Supporting Documents. You can also email to register your interest.