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A new way to have your say

Last updated: 10th January 2022

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We're proposing a new way for you to have your say. A way for you to have a stronger voice that fits around your lifestyle and opens new routes to influence the products and services available to you as part of your Benenden Health membership.

We’re calling this Democracy for Tomorrow and the proposal sets out our intention to modernise Benenden Health’s democracy and increase our member engagement so we can continue to support you and your family for another 116 years.

We'll be sharing lots of information on the evolution of our democratic structure through videos and blog posts, which we'll be updating regularly and will include:

  • What is Democracy for Tomorrow?
  • Why it matters to you.
  • When it will be proposed.
  • How you can influence the proposal being voted on at Conference.


Watch the video to see the journey so far and explore more about why we think Democracy for Tomorrow is the next step in the evolution of Benenden Health.

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We appreciate that some of the information here might be new to you so we’ve pulled together some of the top questions you might think of as you explore the Democracy for Tomorrow proposal.

Take a look at some of our articles for more in-depth detail about the Democracy for Tomorrow proposal and how it will benefit the future of our society and our members.

What do you really need to know about the proposed Democracy for Tomorrow changes? Explore how the proposal will benefit you with these five things you need to know.


In this article we explore Benenden Health’s mutual status and explain why retaining it is so key to what we do as a Society.


Direct Member Voting is a key part of the Democracy for Tomorrow proposal. But what does this mean, and how does it benefit you?


We want to hear from you! Help us shape the Democracy for Tomorrow proposals by sharing your thoughts, questions, or comments below.



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