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Basket of Goods How Much Sugar is added?

Are we consuming more or less sugar?

basket full of good produce

Each year the Consumer Price Index Basket of Goods, a shopping basket of the UK’s most popular items, is released. See what has been added in 2016.

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Are we consuming more or less sugar?

Each year the Consumer Price Index Basket of Goods, a shopping basket of the UK’s most popular items, is released. See what has been added in 2016.

  • Microwave Rice

    Uncle Ben's*



    0% RI**

    Uncle Ben's
  • Meat-based Snack




    3% RI**

    Rustler's Burger
  • Lemon




    5% RI**

    Fresh Lemon
  • Large
    Chocolate Bar

    Dairy Milk*



    28% RI**

    Large Chocolate Bar
  • Coffee




    <1% RI**

    Coffee Pods
  • Cream




    22% RI**

    Cream Liquer

What's changed since 2015

This year, the changes to the basket show that we are in fact eating more sugar!

RI of total sugar for adults:


The items microwave rice (0g sugar), meat-based snack (2.3g sugar), lemon (4.3g sugar), large chocolate bar (25g sugar), coffee pods (0.2g sugar) and cream liqueur (20g sugar} were added to the basket, adding up to a total 51.8g of sugar.


This brings the total sugar content of 2016 Basket of Goods to 1265.35g. That’s an increase of 28.7g since 2015!






2016 Basket of Goods breakdown

Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Large white loaves - sliced and unsliced Medium Sliced White 2.2g
Large wholemeal loaf Wholemeal Medium 2.4g
Garlic bread Single Garlic Baguette 2.1g
Microwave Rice - NEW 0g
Rice Long Grain Rice 0.2g
Breakfast cereals Crunchy Nut 35g
Corn-based snacks Quavers 4.1g
Sponge cakes Victoria Sponge Cake 34g
Pack of individual cakes French Fancies 57.5g
Fruit pies Bramley Apple Pies 24.7g
Chocolate wafers Kit Kat (two wafers) 51.6g
Hot oat cereal Oat So Simple Original 1g
Bread rolls Sliced White Rolls 2.3g
Flour Plain Flour 1.4g
Pasta Fusilli 3g
Various selected biscuits Digestives 16.6g
Doughnuts Original Glazed 13g
Crackers Cream Crackers 1.4g
Chilled pizza Margherita Pizza 3.2g
Dehydrated noodles/pasta Chicken and Mushroom 1.3g
Cereal bars Milk and Cereal Breakfast Biscuits 20g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Beef (mince) Beef Mince 0g
Beef (topside) British Roast Beef 0.2g
Beef (frozen burgers) Original Beef Burgers 1.1g
Lamb (loin chops) Counter British Lamb Loin 0g
Lamb (leg) Small Lamb Leg 0g
Lamb (shoulder) Half Lamb Shoulder Joint 0g
Pork (loin chops) Pork Loin Steaks 0g
Pork (gammon) Unsmoked Gammon Steaks 0.4g
Pork (back bacon) Unsmoked Back Bacon Rashers 0g
Pork (oven-ready joint) Simply Roast Pork Loin Joint 0.2g
Chicken (fresh/chilled whole chicken) British Whole Medium Chicken 0g
Chicken (frozen chicken breasts) Crispy Chicken 0.4g
Chicken (fresh chicken breasts) British Chicken Breast Fillets 0g
Chicken (rotisserie cooked hot whole chicken) British Whole Roast Chicken 0.2g
Other meats (pork sausages) Thick Pork Sausages 0.9g
Other meats (cooked meats e.g. ham) Family Pack Cooked Ham 0.6g
Other meats (canned meats) Corned Beef 0.5g
Other meats (chicken kievs) Garlic and Herb Chicken Kievs 0.6g
Other meats (continental deli-type meat) Counter Sliced Spanish Chorizo 0.6g
Other meats (meat pies) Potato and Meat Pie 1.8g
Other meats (fresh turkey steaks) Turkey Breast Steaks 0g
Other meats (frozen chicken nuggets) Chicken Nuggets 0.6g
Meat-based Snack - NEW Quarter pounder with cheese burger 2.3
Other meats (liver) Lambs Liver 0g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Fresh white fish fillets Counter Cod Fillet 0g
Canned tuna Tuna Chunks in Brine trace
Frozen prawns Cooked and Peeled Prawns 0.1g
Fresh salmon fillets Counter Salmon Fillet 0g
Fish fingers Fish Fingers 1g
Frozen breaded/battered white fish Large Breaded Cod Fillets 0.6g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Flavoured milk Chocolate Flavoured Milk 12.4g per 100ml
Yoghurt Muller Light Vanilla 7g
Chilled pot dessert Chocolate Melting Middles 34.7g
Cheddar – home-produced Cathedral City Mature Cheddar 0.1g
Parmesan Parmesan Block 0g
Other regional cheeses Mozzarella 0.6g
Powdered baby formula Follow On Milk 6.5g per 100ml feed
Fresh cream Fresh British Single Cream 2.2g per 100ml
Fromage frais Strawberry Fromage Frais 11.9g
Various sized eggs Medium Free Range Eggs <0.1g
Edam Edam 0.1g
Soft continental cheese Full Fat Garlic and Herb Soft Cheese 2.5g
Cheese spread Original Cheese Triangles 6.5g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Block butter Slightly Salted Block 0.7g
Olive oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0g
Spreadable butter Lurpak Spreadable 0.6g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Pears Conference Pears 10g
Strawberries Strawberries 6.0g
Oranges Oranges 8.5g
Avocado pears Ready to Eat Large Avocados 0.5g
Lemon - NEW Pack of 5 Lemons 4.3g
Kiwi fruit Large Kiwi Fruit 10.3g
Various canned fruits Del Monte Fruit Cocktail in Juice 11g
Plums Plums 8.8g
Dried fruit Soft Apricots 23g
Blueberries Blueberries 10g
Melon Honeydew Melon 4.2g
Organic Dessert apples - OUT Organic Gala Apples 15.7g
Dessert apples Gala Apple 11.8g
Bananas Small Bananas 20.9g
Grapes Red Seedless Grapes 15.4g
Grapefruit Red Grapefruit 6.8g
Peaches/nectarines Ripen at Home Peaches 7.6g
Salted/roasted peanuts KP Salted Peanuts 4.8g
Small oranges Clementines 8.7g
Pineapple Pineapple 10.1g
Fresh fruit snacking pot Apple and Strawberry Fruit Salad 9.9g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Loose and pre-packed potatoes: old, new and baking varieties Baking Potatoes 1.4g
Crisps – single and multi-packs Ready Salted Crisps 0.4g
Frozen chips Original Oven Chips 0.6g
Cabbage White Cabbage 4.9g
Carrots Carrots Loose 7.4g
Onions Brown Onions 5.6g
Cucumbers Whole Cucumber 1.4g
Organic vegetables - OUT Organic Carrots 7.4g
Canned tomatoes Chopped Tomatoes 3.6g
Canned sweetcorn Original Sweetcorn 7.4g
Vegetarian burger/grills Burgers 2.9g
Pre-packed salad Classic Crispy Salad 0.3g
Sweet potato Sweet Potato 5.7g
Peppers Red Peppers 6.1g
Fresh tomatoes Tomatoes 3.1g
Cauliflower Cauliflower 2.5g
Mushrooms Closed Cup Mushrooms 0.2g
Lettuce Lettuce 1.7g
Canned baked beans Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 4.7g
Broccoli Broccoli 1.5g
Courgettes Courgette 1.7g
Frozen peas Garden Peas 4.9g
Vegetable pickle Original Pickle 29g
Vegetable stir fry Vegetable Stir Fry 4.9g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Sugar Granulated Sugar 100g
Honey Clear Honey 80.8g
Various selected popular brands of sweets, chocolates, gum and mints Starmix 47g
Large Chocolate Bar - NEW Dairy Milk Bar 25g
Various jams Best Strawberry Jam 53.1g
Ice cream Classic Ice Cream 27g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Soup Cream of Tomato Soup 4.8g
Various sauces: e.g. tomato sauce, mayonnaise Tomato Ketchup 22.8g
Protein powder Protein Smoothie 4.5
Ready-cooked meals Spaghetti Bolognese 2.4g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Teabags Pyramid Bags Nil
Instant coffee Original Instant Coffee 9g
Coffee Pod - NEW 0.2g
Ground coffee Lazy Sunday Ground Coffee 1g
Hot chocolate drink Fair Trade Drinking Chocolate 72.5g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Various pure fruit juices Smooth Orange Juice 10g
Fruit drink No Added Sugar Orange 0.8g
Mineral water Natural Mineral Water 0g
Lemonade Regular 6.6g
Mixer drinks Tonic Water 5.1g
Squashes Apple and Blackcurrant No Added Sugar 1.2g
Fruit smoothie Mango and Passionfruit Smoothie 11g
Cola Regular 10.6g
Various fizzy drinks Orange 6.9g
Energy drinks Original Energy Drink 11g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Whisky Tennessee Whisky 0g
Brandy Brandy 30g
Cream Liqueur - NEW Baileys 20g
Rum Dark 0g
Vodka Red Label 0g
Spirit-based drinks Blue 1.3g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Bottled white wine Pinot Grigio 0g
Bottled rose wine White Zinfandel 0.8g
Sparkling wine Cava Brut Sparkling Non-Vintage 0g
Bottled cider Bulmers Original 3.1g
Bottled red wine Merlot 1.2g
Fortified wine Bristol Cream Sherry 7g
Champagne Brut Imperial Non-Vintage Champagne 1.1g
Item Product* Sugar (per 100g/ml)
Canned lager Lager 0g
Bottled lager Lager 0g
Bottled speciality beer/ale Punk IPA 4g
Canned bitter Original Bitter 0g
Canned stout Draught 0g