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Healthy Living Hub

Although we all may have good intentions, new drastic diet and fitness regimes can be difficult to stick to long term. Explore these interesting ideas that are easy to implement and realistic to incorporate into a new healthy living lifestyle. We unpick more about new diet trends, new ideas to get fit and healthy and test your knowledge with a healthy eating quiz:

healthy dinner swaps on plate
8 healthy dinner swaps
Choosing nutritious meal options is easier than you may think. By making some simple tweaks to what’s on your plate these small changes could soon add up to a healthier you...

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computer showing quiz to take to understand how to choose healthy options
Quiz - Do you know what's really in your food?
How much do you really know about what's in your food? Take our quiz and guess which of the following foods and drinks are healthier for you...

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How to lose weight with on the latest on trend diet
Diets: the good the bad and the ugly
Is calorie counting really the solution? We take a look at the direction dieting is taking for 2018...

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bananas - healthy and delicious snacks
7 super-healthy (and delicious) snacks
To avoid the sugar rush, subsequent energy crash and future inches around your waistline, choose one of these delicious health-giving snacks...

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DASH diet - clipboard on how to follow
Is this the best diet ever?
The DASH diet if followed correctly, may help to lower your blood pressure, prevent diabetes and improve your overall health...

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Avocados - foods to choose for health
6 foods to choose for health
Check out these 6 inexpensive tips for boosting your health. These tips will help you choose foods packed with goodness but are kind on the wallet...

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fitness watch to help get fit
Struggling to get fit? Try these top personal trainers tips
If you're struggling to get fit, try these tips from three top personal trainers that could help get you back on track...

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man running to get fit for free
8 ways to get fit for free
Whilst expensive gym memberships or exercise classes may put you off getting fit, here are 8 ways to do it for next to nothing...

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jar full of cheap and healthy cupboard staples
7 healthy (and cheap) food cupboard staples
Healthy eating needn’t be expensive. Here are seven easy-to-find ingredients that can help you achieve a balanced diet...

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