Ten sports to take up and try in 2019

Fancy jazzing up your exercise regime in 2019? Find an activity you love and you’re far more likely to keep up the habit. Why not give one of these ten sports a go:


Also called freerunning, you train by interacting with your environment, moving over and through obstacles using your body. It involves running, jumping, climbing, twisting and turning. Find out how to get into parkour, and meet a woman who says it has transformed her life. Battle ropes Weighted ropes are anchored to a wall or pole and you use them to do slams, jumping jacks and lunges. Personal trainer Jordan Iain McCurrach explains why he loves battle ropes and why this is a great cardio workout class to try.


It builds up core muscles and strength, increases flexibility and is a gentle enough exercise for even the most sport-shy among us to try. Many people use it to relieve back pain but it’s a good all-over body workout – and relaxing too. Discover the seven wonders of Pilates.


For a more high-octane workout, try piloxing. It’s a blend of Pilates, boxing and dance, and a high-energy interval workout that’s fun too. You’ll be sculpting your body from the Pilates element, releasing tension with the boxing and having fun dancing. Instructor Amy Lamont explains the appeal of piloxing.

Aqua combat

While swimming laps is great exercise, for some fun and a great all-over workout, why not try aqua combat? It’s like a boxercise class in the pool – you wear gloves that give you resistance as you strike, punch and kick against the water. Find out what’s to love about aqua combat.

Roller derby

Said to be Europe’s fastest growing female sport, roller derby features two teams of five in roller skates trying to lap members of the opposing team without being hindered along the way. It’s a very physical, full-contact sport and extremely addictive, say fans. Read more at


It’s a combination of acrobatics and yoga in which two people work together. One acts as the base (lying on the floor with their legs in the air) taking the weight of their partner, a ‘flyer’, who engages in off-the-ground movements. Find a class or sign up for a weekend course at Read more about the appeal of Acroyoga and other acrobatic exercise.


A new sport that’s popped up in the last couple of years, footgolf is proving surprisingly addictive. Instead of clubbing a wee ball into a small hole, you kick a big ball into a large hole. Simple. For courses near you, see

Mixed netball

You may not have played since school, but you’ll soon remember the rules and the moves. In recent years, netball has enjoyed a resurgence and there are now leagues up and down the country. It’s also no longer a sport just for women, and England player Chris Green explains what’s great about mixed netball

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Ideal for busy lifestyles, HIIT involves a combination of brief, high-intensity bursts of cardio exercise followed by equal or longer periods of rest. So maybe 30 seconds to a minute of sprinting followed by a minute or so of walking or slow jogging. The idea is to burn the maximum number of calories in a short space of time. Find out more about HIIT here.


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