A visual representation of our blood donation survey results

12th June 2014

Did you know that just one pint of donated blood can help up to three people? How about that only 4% of the UK population are currently donors?

Given that 25% of us will need a blood transfusion during our lifetime, this is a disheartening figure that experts all around the world are desperate to improve. But why is the rate of blood donation so low despite the actual process being so easy and pain-free? To try and answer this question, Benenden carried out a survey of people from across the UK and from a range of age groups, with nearly 15,000 respondents. We asked them questions about everything from whether they currently donate blood to whether certain blood donation facts were true or false – covering a range of areas to try and gauge the public’s awareness.

So, do we realise how important blood donation actually is, and are there any barriers preventing people from donating that we can work on? Take a look at our infographic to find out.

Blood donation survey results

Results are based on responses from nearly 15,000 participants over a four-day period.