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Six ways to get moving after Christmas lunch

When you’ve eaten your fill of sprouts, turkey and stuffing on Christmas Day – what next? A snooze? Or why not enjoy one of our healthy post-dinner activities?

While Christmas is often about indulgence, it doesn’t harm to get moving on Christmas Day – that way you can justify the extra festive intake.

Try one of these six post-dinner activities:

Strut your stuff

Put on your favourite tunes and get the family dancing. A boogie uses more calories than jogging and gives you a feel-good buzz too – so it’s time to move to the groove.

Indoor sports

If going outside feels like too much effort (or it’s pouring with rain), why not start an indoor mini-Olympics by getting everybody involved in an active game such as Twister, balloon volleyball or even a sports game on a console such as Wii Fit. A bit of active fun will be a good counterbalance to some sofa-based Christmas telly watching later on.

Walk it off

Muster the household (and the dog) and head out for some fresh air. According to the Ramblers, walking one mile in 20 minutes can burn up at least 100 calories. A good walk will also clear your head, give you a change of scenery and revitalise you to continue with the festivities.

Have a play

You could combine your walk with a visit to a playground. Take some children or release your inner child by taking advantage of the empty playground on Christmas Day to have a go on the swings, slide and roundabout. Whoever is indulging, it’s great to burn off some excess energy and the post-Santa excitement by having a good old-fashioned play.

Sign up for a festive sporting activity

There is a multitude of organised sporting activities on offer, such as Chester’s Round the Walls running race, the Christmas Day swimming race for the Peter Pan Cup at the Serpentine in Hyde Park, London, or January 1’s Loony Dook near Edinburgh. While many of these require booking or membership of an organisation, check out some activities you can join at Time Outdoors

Try a gym-free workout

Download the NHS’s exercises you can do anywhere including the standing abs, three-minute seated yoga or sofa workout. Simple.