The best places to visit in 2018

Why not take inspiration from the travel experts to plan your holiday this year. Here are some of the most exciting destinations for 2018.

Destinations with a difference

In its list of the best places to visit this year, National Geographic offers some new inspiration. The travel publisher’s top three for 2018 are:

1. Harar, Ethiopia

Why go?

National Geographic calls it “the most surprising city in East Asia” and says:The ‘City of Saints’ boasts 82 mosques, as well as Ethiopia’s best beer… and highest quality coffee.”

2. Jujuy Province, Argentina

Why go?

“Located in outermost northwest Argentina [bordering Chile and Bolivia] Jujuy is home to the Quebrada de Humahuaca World Heritage site,” says National Geographic. “The narrow valley is cloaked in colourful rock bands crafted over millennia.”

3. Tbilisi, Georgia

Why go?

National Geographic says now’s the time to visit this fast-developing city to enjoy Old Tbilisi’s authentic charms.

“Traditional Georgian experiences—the 24-hour sulphur baths, the plump khinkali (spiced meat dumplings), and the legendary hospitality of the locals—persevere in disarmingly disorganized Old Tbilisi,” says the travel publisher.

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2018’s top three city breaks

According to travel guide publisher, Lonely Planet these are the three cities we should be booking flights to this year: 

1. Seville, Spain

Why go?

Game of Thrones fans will be in their element as they visit familiar sights from the series but Lonely Planet also says that the city “has transformed itself” over the last 10 years.

“Once a traffic-congested metropolis resting on its historical laurels, Seville has bloomed into a city of bicycles and trams, keen to reinvigorate its artistic past,” says Lonely Planet. 

2. Detroit, USA

Why go?

“After decades of neglect, Detroit is rolling again,” says Lonely Planet. A hub of creativity is how Lonely Planet describes the city: “Young creative types jump-started the scene when they began transforming the crazy-huge slew of abandoned buildings into distilleries, bike shops and galleries. This sparked fresh public works, such as the just-opened hockey and basketball arena downtown, and the QLine streetcar that gives easy access to city hot spots.”

3. Canberra, Australia

Why go?

Lonely Planet says the Australian capital city has been “criminally overlooked” and that it “packs a big punch for such a small city.”
“National treasures are found round almost every corner and exciting new boutique precincts have emerged, bulging with gastronomic highlights and cultural must-dos,” says Lonely Planet.

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Nearer to home?

If a far-flung holiday isn’t your thing, website Trip Advisor lists its top three UK destinations for 2018 as London, Edinburgh and Jersey. Get inspiration for a trip nearer to home.

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