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Sugar-Free Snack Recipes

Sugar-free snacks don’t have to be boring. In fact, there are so many ways to get a sweet fix or alternate with a savoury bite, that you may wonder why you didn’t go sugar-free a long time ago. Lack of inspiration, boredom and tiredness can all encourage us to reach for a chocolate bar or bag of sweets, but with a little preparation and the recipe ideas below, you can enjoy a range of new and exciting snacks.

Chia pudding

Chia pudding is a popular breakfast choice, but can also be enjoyed as a snack or dessert. Combine unsweetened almond milk, raw cocoa powder, chia seeds and vanilla extract with a couple of drops of natural sweetener (like sweet leaf stevia), and leave to soak for at least an hour. This helps give this healthy snack a pudding-like texture.


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Mint choc pavé

An afternoon treat, the Hemsley and Hemsley recipe for mint chocolate pavé is a must-have in your new and improved recipe list. For the chocolate layer, whisk together melted coconut oil, raw honey, vanilla extract, ½ tsp mint extract and cocoa powder, and spread onto parchment paper in a glass dish. Put this in the fridge to set and, in the meantime, combine room temperature coconut oil, raw honey, ¾ tsp of mint extract, spirulina powder and one tsp of turmeric. Smooth this over the chocolate and return to the fridge to set. It’s quick to make and the chocolate and mint layers complement one another deliciously.

Toasted nuts and seeds

Cinnamon is a naturally sweet spice and an appetising addition to everything from baked fruit to nuts and seeds. If you feel peckish in the morning, or want to bring a pre-gym snack to work, toasted nuts and seeds are an energy-burst in a handful. Rachel Cooks uses a whisked egg white and water as a glaze. The almonds are then added with the cinnamon and nutmeg, and baked in the oven for an hour, stirring three to four times during the baking process.

Tomato avocado bites

With 85 percent of secondary school children not getting their recommended daily intake of fruit and veg, this is a great sugar-free snacking option. This simple recipe from Super Healthy Kids involves homemade guacamole and cherry or plum tomatoes as a quick, after-school bite. Homemade guacamole can be made with one avocado, lime juice and a little salt, which is all blended until smooth. Scoop the seeds from the tomatoes and pipe in the guacamole, et voilà!

Bliss balls

If you’re a lover of chocolate or need a sweet fix in the afternoon, then bliss balls are certainly a way to satisfy that sugar craving. Sarah Wilson is an advocate of a sugar-free lifestyle, and her bliss ball recipe is one of the best. It combines raw nuts, oats, cacao powder, cinnamon, maca, vanilla protein, rice malt syrup, nut butter and unsweetened almond milk with a pinch of sea salt. Once combined, the mixture can be rolled by hand into balls and kept in the fridge for when you need an afternoon pick-me-up.

Kale chips

Possibly one of the easiest sugar-free healthy snacks to make, kale is rated #1 on the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index. When starting out, many experience a burnt taste to their kale chips, but Oh She Glows has a great selection of tips for getting the best out of your kale snack.

The key for sugar-free snacks is preparation! Plan your meals and snacks at the beginning of the week, stock up on cupboard essentials and you’ll be ready to embark on a sugar-free lifestyle.