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Discretionary personal healthcare for just ◇£9.10 per person, per month

Please note the cost and benefits of Benenden membership are reviewed on an annual basis. On 1st April 2018 we will be making enhancements and changes to membership benefits and the price will increase from £9.10 to £10.25 per person per month or £123.00 if paying annually. More details can be found at

Are there any restrictions?

No, we only ask that you're a UK resident. There are no upper age restrictions,  medical exclusions, quotes or excesses to pay. 

Healthcare from Benenden, a mutual society.

We are not here to replicate the services already offered by the NHS; instead we aim to help our members get the highest standards of healthcare quicker than they imagined and at an affordable price. At Benenden our offer to you is simple; the opportunity to request excellent discretionary healthcare services for only £9.10 per person, per month. 

In 2015 we helped our members by saying yes 96,065 times when they asked for our help.

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How our healthcare works

Sharon Vane

Being able to speak to a GP at any time is worth the monthly fee alone. 

No quotes, no excess, one price. £9.10 per person, per month.

As a mutual we’re able to keep our monthly fee low by offering our services on a discretionary basis. The cost of membership is the same for everyone £9.10 per person, per month, therefore there's no complicated forms, no excess and you don't need to divulge your medical history.  

Find out what is and isn't covered for £9.10 per person, per month

What services do you provide?

Support and advisory helplines straight away. You can request diagnostics and treatments after 6 months. 

Access to private health facilities throughout the UK.

We have a large network of hospitals and clinics around the country for members to access. Our aim is to have one within a one hour drive of your home. 

All of them are dedicated to giving prompt diagnosis and the very best care so you can concentrate on getting better quickly.

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How it works

At Benenden we’re an alternative to private healthcare, putting our members at the heart of everything we do, to help them to enjoy the very best of health. We are not a medical insurer, our services are offered on a discretionary basis. This means we look at each case on an individual basis to understand how long waiting lists could affect your employment or personal life and we will do our very best to help. 

We’re a mutual, not-for-profit organisation

We’ve been caring for our members for over 110 years and we’re not here to make profits. The only people who profit are our members, using the services. The monthly member contribution of £9.10 per person, per month covers the cost of our services. There are some services which we cannot provide. Offering such services would not only push up the monthly cost of membership, but impact on the vast range of services that we provide. 

Things you need to know

  • No quotes, no excess – The price to join us is £9.10 per person, per month
  • No upper age limit  Plus under 16’s can be added to existing memberships
  • No contract  You will not be under contract with Benenden and you can cancel at any time
  • Everyone is accepted – All UK residents can join us regardless of their medical history
  • Waiting lists – We aim to relieve the worry of long NHS waiting lists and get you diagnosed, treated and back on your feet as soon as possible

To fully understand how we work and why our services are offered on a discretionary basis we've created 2 short videos for you to watch. 

Darren & Helena

We helped Helena with an MRI scan and treatment.

What does discretionary mean?

Our members are our biggest advocates.

Our members love to share their stories with us and we feel this is one of the best ways to demonstrate how Benenden helps people in times of need. See what our members think of us!

Our health services

At Benenden, our members experience healthcare with a difference. You can protect anyone under your membership, there are no upper age limits, and no restrictions based on medical history. Our services are discretionary, which means we work in harmony with the NHS to help our members when they need us most. To make the best use of our members’ funds, we sometimes recommend staying with the NHS but in many cases, we’ll be able to help you. 

24/7 GP Advice

Round the clock reassurance knowing you can speak to a qualified UK-based GP day or night.

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Health concern support

Our Member Services team can help with many different health and lifestyle concerns, including directing you to local, specialist support groups. 

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Diagnostic consultation & tests

If your consultations and tests are delayed we may be able to help get you a faster diagnosis.

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Treatment and surgery

If the NHS waiting list is causing you distress we may be able to help by funding a quicker appointment. 

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Psychological Wellbeing 24/7 Helpline

Help with a range of topics including, relationship problems, money worries and much much more.

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Independent care advice

Through Grace Consulting we can help you assess your current circumstance and help you make an informed decision. 

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Continence Care

Our nurses can provide you with a simple treatment plan that's right for you to treat urinary tract symptoms. 

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Self managed or face-to-face physiotherapy may be offered to you if NHS delays are causing you distress. 

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Be Healthy magazine

Packed with industry leading advice, interviews with household names, news stories and articles on how to keep your mind and body healthy.

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Psychological Wellbeing

If you're experiencing a delayed service through the NHS we may be able to help support you with stress, bereavement and much more. 

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Financial assistance

We may be able to help you if you are experiencing financial hardship as a result of treatment following a diagnosis of cancer or TB.

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Full terms and conditions are contained in our Rulebook and in our Your guide to our services. (PDF’s open in a new window)

What we do not cover

Review the range of services that we do not cover. 

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What does discretionary mean?

In 2015, we helped our members by saying yes 96,065 times.

Existing member?

Understand how we work with the NHS.

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£9.10 per person, per month

Members' remarkable stories take centre stage

The stars of our national TV campaign were our very own Benenden members.  Benenden was founded on the idea of mutual help and we believe our members are the best way to show what makes us a special organisation. 

Alan Cook member since 2013

We arranged for Alan to see a specialist the next day.

Darren & Helena members since 2006

We helped Darren's daughter Helena with an MRI scan and treatment.

Jean Knowles member since 1982

Jean received prompt carpal tunnel surgery which gave her the use of her hands back.

Derrick Lyons member since 1968

Derrick received keyhole knee surgery 7 months quicker than on the NHS.

Rebecca Ward member since 2010

We helped Rebecca get physiotherapy the same day.

Kevin Thorpe member since 1994

We helped Kevin get a speedy diagnosis.

Ann Conroy member since 2005

Ann discovered she needed an urgent heart bypass a year after joining

Dennice member since 2014

Ideal World presenter Dennice tells us why she's a fan of Benenden and why she signed up.

Get involved

If you're a member and are happy to share your experiences please email to find out more. 

Help our community to grow by telling family, friends and colleagues about the benefits of Benenden Personal Healthcare. Or you can add them to your membership.

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£9.10 per person, per month

Joining online

It's easy to join Benenden. Our online join form has 2 steps to complete. Here's what to expect; 

  • Step 1 Enter your details including your name, address and contact details. You also have the opportunity to add additional members. 
  • Step 2 Secure payment – enter your bank details to set up a monthly/annual Direct Debit or pay annually by Credit Card. 

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