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Where do broken hearts go?

Have you ever suffered a broken heart? If so, you certainly aren’t the only one. It’s the subject of a million books, poems and love songs, and with a heart being broken every 17 minutes, it’s not hard to see why!

But is heartbreak really something that affects us physically? Or is it just an emotion that we allow ourselves to indulge in? With only 14% of people believing employers should offer time off for heartbreak, it would appear that most people believe the latter.

Nevertheless, research shows that one broken heart can cause as much damage to your health as smoking for 2.5 years!

So what becomes of the broken-hearted? Well, between drinking, eating, talking to friends and family, and doing nothing at all, it seems we all have our coping mechanisms…

Heart break health infographic

Music is also a good way to get through a heartbreak, so we have pulled together some playlists to help with the recovery from heartbreak. Feel free to Tweet us @BenendenHealth using #benhearts with any song that you feel should be part of the playlists.