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Care Planning and Social Care Advice

  • Available immediately
  • Help selecting the best care providers
  • Help you understand all aspects of care

Care Planning and Social Care Advice is available to you as a member of Benenden Health

It can be a difficult decision when you or a family member such as a parent needs short or long term care. This can be at home or involve residential, convalescent or respite care. Available to Benenden Health members, our Care Planning and Social Care Advice, which is provided and delivered by Grace Consulting, assesses your elderly relative's circumstances and helps you make an informed decision.

Your dedicated personal care adviser will give expert guidance and reassurance, helping you through the whole process and, where appropriate, providing detailed reports shortlisting the most suitable care providers.

The Benenden Care Planning and Social Care Advice can help with information about all aspects of care, including:

  • Assessing care requirements
  • The pros and cons of home care, sheltered accommodation, residential and nursing homes
  • Selecting the best care provider; care home or home care
  • Short-term and convalescent care following treatment
  • Respite care
  • Understanding the hospital discharge process and the workings of the NHS and Social Services
  • State funding of care, including all benefits and entitlements

Watch our short video to see how Grace Consulting could help you. 

Care advice
  • Helping identify and understand care needs
  • Advising how to best meet these needs
  • The pros and cons of all care options, including care at home, sheltered housing, extra care, residential care homes and care homes with nursing
  • Managing the cost of care and state funding of care, including all benefits and entitlements
Care search
  • Finding the best care providers, including care at home, supported living, residential care and nursing care
  • Short-term, respite and convalescent care
  • Signposting of related services
Care assessment
  • Personal visits to assess care needs
  • Reviewing and monitoring existing care arrangements
Statutory services
  • How to deal with the NHS and Local Authority and their roles and responsibilities
  • The hospital discharge process
  • Statutory processes and individual rights

Medically reviewed by Cheryl Lythgoe on 19th December 2019. Next review date: 19th December 2020.