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Care Planning and Social Care Advice

Care Planning and Social Care Advice

Care Planning and Social Care Advice

Access to a care adviser who can provide information and advice about adult care issues including short or long-term care.

How to request access to a care advisor

This service is available straight away

What's included

Depending on your needs, you can request a telephone or face-to-face consultation with a specialist care planning adviser who'll listen to your needs and discuss your situation in detail.

Our care planning advisers can help you to make the right choices by talking you through the financial, legal and practical aspects of arranging both short and long-term adult social care as well as providing ongoing impartial support, helping you through the whole process and, where appropriate, provide detailed reports shortlisting the most suitable care providers.

The Care Planning and Social Care Advice service can help with information about all aspects of adult care, including:

  • Assessing care requirements
  • The pros and cons of home care, sheltered accommodation, residential and nursing homes
  • Selecting the best care provider; care home or home care
  • Short-term and convalescent care following treatment
  • Respite care
  • Understanding the hospital discharge process and the workings of the NHS and Social Services
  • State funding of care, including all benefits and entitlements

You can request help if adult care and support is needed by you, your spouse or partner, parents or children over the age 21.


Support for members who have special needs or parents and guardians of children who have special needs including autism, ADHD and learning disabilities

Being an adult with special needs, or having a child with special needs, can put a great strain on family life and will often isolate a family from others. Our Care Planning and Social Care Advice service can provide support for members who may have special needs or the parents and guardians with children who may have special needs. We can provide personalised advice about all matters relating to special needs including: support strategies for a wide range of issues including sleep, behaviours that challenge and maintaining concentration at home, education and work; funding; disability rights of members, parents and carers; research of information to help resolve members’ issues; care options; and eligibility for additional services, including respite care.

What's excluded
  • Benenden Health does not fund the care that you, your spouse or partner, parents or children may need. This service is designed to help you understand the potential costs of care, how the system works and any funding you may be entitled to

Please ensure you've read and understand what is and isn't included 

To request access to a care planning advisor please call us between 8am and 5pm (Monday - Friday) 

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1 

Call us on 0800 414 8100 
8am and 5pm (Monday - Friday) for authorisation. 

Step 2

Following authorisation, we will arrange an initial telephone call with a care adviser

Call us on 0800 414 8100

Speak to a GP today on 0800 414 8247

Medically reviewed by Cheryl Lythgoe on 4th August 2020. Next review date: 4th August 2021.