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What does membership and discretionary mean?

We are not a medical insurer, our healthcare services are offered on a discretionary basis. This means that the services we offer are subject to the resources we have available through membership contributions.

We manage these funds and the services we provide carefully to ensure that we can continue to provide the healthcare support that’s set out in our guide to Benenden Health and in these web pages. This discretionary approach has served our membership well for more than 110 years and will continue to do so into the future. For the good of the membership as a whole we review our services regularly and make amendments from time to time. However, rest assured that members are kept informed of any changes we make to our services, via this website, our quarterly Be Healthy magazine and updates to this guide.

Providing people powered healthcare for over 110 years

We were founded in 1905 with the purpose of people joining together to help pay for medical care for when they might need it. This remains our core purpose today. We still exist for the sole benefit of our members and remain a not-for-profit society.

Our only passion is to improve the quality of our members’ lives, as it always has been. Today we have over 800,000 members, tomorrow we aim for many more. Our vision is to be the UK’s leading healthcare community, making life better for all our members and wider society by taking the strain off the NHS.

Everything you need to know about our healthcare membership

View your guide to Benenden Health which explains all the services provided with our healthcare - what’s included, what’s excluded and how you access them.