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What does membership and discretionary mean?

Our discretionary model is at the heart of everything we do. It has served our members well for more than 115 years and allows us to manage our funds and the services we provide carefully to ensure that we can continue to offer every member one affordable price, regardless of age and pre-existing medical conditions.

We are not a private medical insurer. We provide healthcare services on a discretionary basis, except treatment for TB, which is provided on an insured basis. Our services are reviewed regularly and are subject to the resources we have available. In some cases, provision of service can be dependent on factors such as GP referral, NHS wait times and the type of treatment required. This is explained in detail for each service throughout the guide.

When services change, we will keep you informed of changes via our website, Be Healthy magazine or communications to you.

Providing people-powered healthcare for over 115 years

Benenden Health was founded in 1905 in response to the tuberculosis pandemic. Over 115 years later, as we emerge from another global pandemic, we’re still here for our 820,000+ members. As we’re a mutual, we don’t have shareholders and we’re run exclusively for the benefit of our members.

Our ambition is to improve the nation’s health and our healthcare is designed to offer a simple, smart and more affordable health and wellbeing solution for everyone.